Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, January 21st, 2019

Wardak Voices Concern Over Security Threats

Wardak Voices Concern Over Security Threats

KABUL - Defense Minister on Saturday expressed concern about security threats amid dramatic rise in Taliban-led violence in the country.
Afghanistan because of its geographical location in the region bears the worst security threats in the world, Defense Minister Gen. Abdul Rahim Wardak said while speaking in defense affairs and territorial integrity commission of the parliament.
While accepting the ministry's shortfalls to ensure proper security, Gen. Wardak said security situation has worsened since 2001, when the Taliban regime was overthrown in a US-led invasion.

Considering Afghanistan's location in the region the country is threatened by huge security risks, including nuclear wars, cross-border insurgency, drugs and weapon smuggling, organized crimes, poverty and lack of development, Defense Minister said.
"Afghanistan is located in the most critical spot in the world which bears internal and international threats," Afghan Defense Minister said.
"There is no doubt that security situation had gradually worsened since 2001 until the end of 2010 and if one thinks that Afghan security organizations haven't improved in terms of strength, quality and nature that is also not correct," he said.

Commission of defense affairs and territorial integrity of the parliament said principles of the government policies require to be discussed in the House of Representatives.
"For nearly 20 times we have asked the government to send principles of the government polices to the house. Based on constitution it requires approval from the parliament," Head of Defence Affairs and Territorial Integrity of the Parliament Shukria Barekzai said.

Gen. Wardak said probably there is vagueness in the definition of enemy, but national interests and national sovereignty should be considered in the fight against terrorism. (Tolo News)