Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, September 21st, 2020

$300 Million Invested in Afghanistan in 3 Fiscal Months: AISA

$300 Million  Invested in Afghanistan  in 3 Fiscal Months: AISA

KABUL - Afghanistan’s Investment Support Agency (AISA) officials on Saturday announced that $300 million have been invested in three months of current fiscal year in the country.

The investment is done on agriculture, mines and industries sectors, head Afghanistan Investment Support Agency Wafiullah Eftkhar said.

The foundation of an information center in the agency and installation of standard systems paved the way for investors to find information on the country’s investments process in short times, Wafiullah Efitkhar said.

The center will facilitate the services of getting license of investment online, having access to information about investments and preventing of fraud in getting license, Efitkhar said.

“The process of getting license will be possible in hours while it took days in the past and also we will prevent fraud in license by using this database,” he said.

“By using the facilities, the donors can easily find information about companies and their validity via the internet,” the Deputy of Afghanistan Industrial Union Abdul Jabar Safi said.

The AISA officials said that their new plans will force companies to recruit internal staff in the companies and no company has the right to recruit foreign staff if Afghanistan itself has the human resource. (Tolo News)