Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, September 21st, 2020

Taliban Vanquished in Faryab: Mohammadi

Taliban Vanquished in Faryab: Mohammadi

MAIMANA - A delegation, led by Defense Minister Gen. Bismillah Mohammadi, visited northern Faryab province for assessing the security situation there, officials said on Sunday.

Including Deputy Interior Minister Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahman and parliamentarians, the team visited insecure areas of Ghormach and Qaisar districts and attended in a gathering in Maimana, the provincial capital.

Faryab had been faced with a shortage of security personnel and equipment, provincial council head, Rahmatullah Turkistani, told the gathering. “I accompanied the delegates to the troubled areas where equipment of security forces has been damaged.”

But Mohammadi insisted the Afghan security personnel had vanquished the Taliban in the restive districts and controlled the areas previously held by militants.

“As I assess the situation, the security personnel may have inadequate equipment and facilities but they are fully prepared to deal with the threat from Taliban,” he remarked.

Mohammadi confirmed the transfer of a high-ranking army officer for his weak management in Qaisar and appointed another officer for the sake of improvement in the security situation.

The insurgents had been defeated in the two districts as a result of operations and their activities had not been seen over the past two days, Governor Mohammadullah Batash said.

During the operation, which began on April 24 and ended on Friday, more than 70 Taliban were killed in Qaisar and 18 in Ghormach, Batash said.

Four local policemen and two Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers were also killed and three other soldiers injured in the operation, the governor concluded. (Pajhwok)