Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, January 15th, 2021

Zakhilwal Accuses Lawmakers for Illegal Activities

Zakhilwal Accuses Lawmakers for Illegal Activities

KABUL - Finance Minister Hazrat Omer Zakhilwal accused a number of Afghan lawmakers for being involved in illegal activities.

While speaking during a press conference, Mr. Zakhilwal also said that the lawmakers are boosting corruption in government institutions through illegal activities.

Mr. Zakilwal did not disclose further information regarding identities of the lawmakers however he said that the individuals are creating pressure on Afghan finance ministry officials.

He said, “A very small group of the lawmakers are involved in smuggling specifically smuggling of alcoholic drinks, and they are putting pressure on the finance ministry to place their individuals in customs department.”

Finance minister Hazrat Omer Zakilwal also added that he has evidence and documents regarding his remarks which can be presented to Afghan house of representatives and to Afghan people if need.

He also accused a number of Afghan lawmakers for concentrating on their personal business rather than working for the national interest of the country.

“During the past two a number of the lawmakers have been trying to sell their signatures on me however I have ignored their request” Mr. Zakhilwal said adding that, “We have appointed officials in Customs department who are keen on preventing corruption, and we will do our best to present the reality of the individuals in the parliament to Afghan people.”

According to Zakhilwal a number of the Afghan lawmakers have also threatened him to summon him in the parliament if their demands have not been met.

This comes as Afghan interior minister earlier also complained regarding the interference of Afghan lawmakers during a national security council meeting. (KP)