Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, September 21st, 2020

US Position Hasn’t Changed on Durand Line: Burns

US Position  Hasn’t Changed  on Durand Line: Burns

KABUL - Former US representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan has said that Durand is an official border between Afghanistan and Pakistan and that the US has officially recognized the border.

The US Deputy Secretary of State William Joseph Burns added that both countries are in a sensitive moment and should prevent increase of tensions.

"Our position regarding Durand Line does not change since it was expressed by Mark Grossman when he was here," Mr William Joseph Burns said.

On the other hand, Burns said that the US will not support any specific candidate in the Afghan presidential elections.

"We understand fully the importance of a credible and successful election process to ensuring the success of inner connected transition process that Afghanistan and international friends face together over the course of the coming year," he said.

He said that President Obama has stated on various occasions that the US is not seeking permanent military bases in Afghanistan.

Last week, President Karzai said that the US seeks 9 military bases in Afghanistan.

William Burns emphasized on US long-term cooperation for Afghanistan and said that signing a security agreement between Kabul and Washington will start a new phase of security cooperation between both countries. (Tolo News)