Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, November 28th, 2020

Political, Civil Society Groups Enter Alliance

Political, Civil  Society Groups Enter  Alliance

KABUL - More than 10 political parties and dozens of civil society groups on Thursday announced entering an electoral alliance called “Association of National Amity of Afghanistan or ANAA”.

One of ANAA’s senior leaders, Mohammad Yasin Asim, who announced the formation, said the coalition involved 10 political groups and 110 social organizations.

He named the political groups as National Solidarity Movement, People’s Mission, United Afghanistan, People’s Wish, Freedom and Justice, Democracy, Movement of Afghan Sovereignty, Movement of Democracy, Welfare and Justice and National Movement.

ANAA head Syed Ishaq Gilani, also National Solidarity Party chief, said they wanted to eliminate injustices meted out to the people of Afghanistan.

The alliance would work to combat corruption, killings, crimes and land-grab incidents taking place over the past many years.

He claimed Taliban representatives had attended their meetings and they welcomed insurgents willing to shun violence. However, he did not elaborate.

Gillani urged the Taliban to join the association and work with it on how to find solutions to the current problems facing the country. “We can’t make a judgment on the Taliban, but can say they are compelled into fighting.”

He said they would soon announce a consensus candidate for the April 5 presidential elections or lend weight behind another trust-worthy candidate, who had the ability to put an end to the current problems. He also asked foreigners not to interfere in the election process.

ANAA deputy head Abdul Ghafar Nikkhwa said their objectives were not confined to elections only.

He said they aimed working for the country’s development, ensuring increased participation of people in the elections, facilitating negotiations among different groups, preventing violence, supporting the disabled and defending women’s and children’s rights.

They would work for the elimination of poverty, joblessness, drug smuggling and the protection of national interests. (Pajhwok)