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IEC Calls Lack of Security A Major Threat to Elections

IEC Calls Lack of Security  A Major Threat to Elections

KABUL - The Independent Election Commission on Monday said that lack of security may undermine voting in regions of Afghanistan urging supervision during elections to ensure credibility and legitimacy of votes.

At a religious gathering here in Kabul on Monday, IEC secretary chief Zia-ul-Haq Amarkhail said that religious scholars and tribal elders could play a crucial role in persuading people to vote and prevent riggings.

"It gives us hope when we see a religious scholar at the polling station," Amarkhail said. "This will ensure that the IEC worker will not act in contradiction to the laws when no one is watching. When there is no security and voters, local influential elements will take advantage and rig results."

The election commission emphasized if security is not up to par at the poll stations in unsecure regions then the IEC will not be able to conduct elections in those areas.

"The election commission believes that it would be difficult to conduct elections in areas where security threats exists," Amarkhahil said. If voters can't vote and transfer of election materials are not possible, there should not be elections in those areas."

Meanwhile, religious scholars have said that contributions of local dignitaries have motivated people to come out and vote.

"People may vote, women can cast votes, the votes of male and females are equal," religious scholar from Kundoz province Maulavi Abdul Manan said.

Local mosque Imam Nazir Ahmad said that as an Afghan he cannot bear to see his people in devastations and tragedies, therefore he encourages everyone to go vote.

A tribal elder from Surobi district of Kabul vowed to cast ballots in the election at any cost while another tribal elder from Gul Dara district of Kabul said that women are committed to participate the upcoming elections.

Presidential and provincial elections are scheduled to take place on 5 April 2014. The election commission has transferred all necessary materials to provinces around Afghanistan. (Tolo news)