Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

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Afghan Children Too Need Attention

Dear Editor,

Mostly we talk about the rights of women, the wrong doings of government, politics and hundreds of such issues. These are necessary discussions for knowing where we stand. In Afghanistan the number of issues is more than other countries – the issues that need more attention.

The problems of Afghan children have never been considered up to the extent it should be. The future of Afghanistan highly depends on the children that nurture in peaceful environment. But peace is going to remain a dream for Afghanistan as no end to militancy is visible.

The entire key to the success in Afghanistan is education of the young toward tolerance, understanding and respect for all faiths and cultures and empowering them with basic aid, school supplies and economic opportunities, while providing security from the bad guys.

No significant change in the condition of Afghan children can be observed. While the Afghan and other world leaders are busy as bee in political issues, the question about the future of children is becoming more complex to answer. It is feared that many of these children would go astray by entering the world of crimes instead of remaining a source of hope for Afghanistan.

Best Regards

Mohammad Zaman

Karte-3, Kabul