Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

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Children Suffer Due to Improper Nourishment

Dear Editor!

This is my second letter sending to the Daily Outlook and hopefully it will be published. Today, like every other problems, we are in a great danger of parenting that has really begin to worry the people as it is getting stronger day by day to meet the needs of their growing children. And as a result, children are suffering from their lack of availability. In truth, there are some children who are hundred percent suffering.

When some children don't have adequate time to spend with their parents, are really at great risk of living a life feeling aimless or adrift for not connected in a positive relationship in a manner that leads itself to fruitful behavior.

In fact, these children are at risk of unproductive behavior that could eventually be counter to their well being and development leading, at worst, to self-destructive behaviors including social withdrawal, early onset sexual behavior, drug and alcohol use, truancy and delinquency.

As the high rate of divorce in families with children, the single-parent families, teenage pregnancies, the effects of television violence, the need for adequate child care, the lack of educational opportunities for many children whose families are poor, racial discrimination, child abuse, changing sexual mores, drug abuse among young people, and problems faced by physically and mentally challenged children are making child rearing day by day a challenging task.

Yours sincerely

Fatima Kazimi

Dasht-e- Barche, Kabul