Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, February 23rd, 2024

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The Grim Reality of Rural Areas

Dear Editor,
The remote areas were always the victims of the enormous and various problems, whether by the Taliban, insurgency, warlords, criminals and other forceful groups. The problems they have been facing throughout the history are incomparable indeed that none of us would ever beer. They have always been in the frontline of crisis and defense in the country.

They have given the worst devotion of all time. They have been constantly deprived of their sole rights, they remained uneducated and their rights were subjected to snatching by the warlords and other criminal groups. They have suffered from the lack of health care systems and other basic requirements of life and today again they are under pressure both financially and politically. And thus, they are based in the worst condition they have ever been and most of them abandon their properties and migrate to Kabul and other cities where they can have a secure life.

Being in a very touchy and decisive situation, yet the government didn't provide them the very required facilities of the life and ease the pressurized crisis they are steeped in, like school, health care protection, clean water resources and other important requirements of life. Very sad to say, yet in some of the provinces the people have not been introduced to health care protection and schools at all, the people are extremely suffering from such frustrated crises which have isolated them both politically and regionally.

Finally, having nothing left or any other compromising choices, they will strongly join the Taliban and other insurgents groups to feed their families and protect their lives from such crises. If the government doesn't have preservative action against the crisis they are threatened, the problems will obviously increase and become unhealthier in the future, it will spread throughout the country.

Best Regards,
Sajjad Hussain Qasimi
Kart-e-Seh Kabul