Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

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Can Good Education Secure Our Career?

Dear Editor,

No body denies the importance of education, not only to get a job, but rather to have highly functioning and viable societies, businesses and governments. However, I also belief that too much emphasis is placed on a degree with little regard to whether or not the degree applies to the job and with no regard to business experience in a given area or industry. I know of individuals who landed a job because they had a degree even though the degree was in a completely unrelated area. For example, a man was hired to work in a factory because he had a BA and no one cared that it was in Art History.

Education is important, because it can help people to get a better job and live a better life with huge luxuries of life, and as the graph demonstrates the higher the degree is the better the pay, most likely. Not only is a good education is important for a good job but knowledge makes people competent and helps them make educated wise decisions. Thus education is the only key that lets you enter in to the world, full of success. Therefore, I strongly belief that giving a good education does guaranty a brighter career.


Fawzai Ali

Darlaman, Kabul