Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, February 17th, 2020

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Is High Inflation Bigger Threat than Any for a Destitute?

Dear Editor!
However Afghanistan has made remarkable progress since the fall of the Taliban. However the country is still suffering of a weak economy. Education, health care, the lack of jobs, homes, power and drinking water are the main problems that Afghanistan is facing today.

< Wages are extremely low. Civil servants, teachers and even doctors make fewer amounts that are incapable for a family to run for a month. Food is very expensive for the people. Beside some rich people, most people eat meat once per week. Milk, bread, sugar, and cooking oil prices are very high for people, especially for the civil servants. Similarly fuel, transport and other routine needs prices are skyrocketed and only employees of foreign organizations can afford to spend a comfortable life in Afghanistan. I presume, International community, US-led coalition forces and Government of Afghanistan spoke too much over deteriorating security situation but never considered to stop high inflation and improve lives of war and poverty stricken nation, been suffering from last several years.

Especial Regards

Fahima Sultani

Deh Afghanan Kabul