Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

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Women Need More Attention

Dear Editor!

Before Islam the Arabs used to bury their girls at birth. Islam gave new dignity and honor to women. In the initial years of Islam the women helped the Muslim men in spreading Islam. However due tp misinterpretation of laws in Islam, the sufferings of women began. In Afghanistan the women have suffered a lot. They have been deprived throughout the history. There are numerous restrictions on women except some major cities. At the same time, several Afghan families do not permit their girls to go to schools – in the times of Taliban women education was completely banned. In their time percentage of school going girls was almost zero. After they were toppled in 2001 females now have access to education, and there are well-paying NGO jobs available for the elite. As compared to other provinces of Afghanistan the number of school going girls are more in Kabul.

In many parts of Afghanistan women have their worst days. In the south and east, life for women is mostly unchanged since the Taliban regime: they remain cloistered indoors, in burqas, away from schools, without health care, without independence, and without protection from physical and sexual violence. And in some ways, life is even worse than during the Taliban. It is the very responsibility of Afghanistan government to pay some serious attention on the condition of women in the country – this can ensure better social and economical development.

Best Regards

Nasir Ali

Karte-3, Kabul