Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

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Please, Promote Optimism and Hope

Dear Editor-in-Chief!

As a constant reader of your outstanding newspaper I have to share a vital issue with you and our nation. Sorry to say that our country is burning in the cruel battlefield of war and insecurity and is suffering from poverty and economic problems since long time ago but there are some productive and required strategies and techniques all our people have to practice to prevent more deterioration of the current situation.

Unfortunately, I have always seen TV channels, radios and the press in our country broadcasting and publishing some pessimistic and distrustful occurrences. I agree with the idea that people should be fully aware of the situation in a democratic society but we extremely need to put more emphasis on improvements made in Afghanistan rather than disclosing some disappointing facts that will only lead to the people's further frustrations.

You are, in certain, caring about what negative psychological impacts this may put on people when media is focusing on failure of the government instead of bolding the achievements. So, you and all other media owners are requested practice the strategy that can lead to more courage, hope and optimism of people. We need encouragement, hope and optimism though failure, defeat and disappointment are dimming the horizon of our visions.

Mushtaq Hussain

Sar Karez, Kabul