Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, March 28th, 2023

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Enemy’s Strategies

Dear Editor

The ground realities, clearly seems that Taliban, Al-Qaeda and various hostile fighters in Afghanistan designed their own lessons from the so-called's surge in the war used country. They are quite experimented to deal with a surge not by fading away before it, but by meeting it with a violent rush of their own.

Kabul city used to be one of the most peaceful cities, but recently the security situation seems quite unlikely as it has never been so. The U.S. Commander has always been focusing in Kandahar and other major provinces of the country because of the presence and violation of the Al-Qaeda and its led insurgency to fight in the cost of peace, consequently has lost many lives of the American soldiers. Hence, in this way, the so-called strategy easily morphs into a shell game played largely for the So-called audience at the expense of American soldiers in the Kandahar and Helmand Provinces.

Besides all the calashes and insecurity, think of what's happening now in Afghanistan more generally, as a creeping Talibinazation, who are working all too well. In Marja, in Kandahar, in the east, everywhere the Taliban do what the government cant and role out their own shadow at the cost of people's lives. The government in a box, ready to solve disputes administers rough justice, collect taxes and enforce virtue.

The insecurity is alarming in all over the country, the people fighting in Afghanistan in stabilizing the government and the country seems very exhausted of fighting and devotion in the last ten years. The people of Afghanistan seem quite careless and corrupt, despite decades of constant conflicts; still they seem to have the same ideas and believe which will further destroy the country and crack-down to many parts.

The people and the government itself is helping to reconnect the Taliban influence creeps into parliament, into legislation restricting constitutional freedoms, into ministries and governmental contracts where corruption flourishes, and into the provisional peace jirga tent where delegates called for freedom for all imprisoned Taliban.

Above all, the strategy and the designed planning of the Taliban no doubt is so daring, and getting jeopardizing our roles of laws and as well our lives day bay day in the whole region.
Wish an Stable Afghanistan
Mohammad Reza
Makroyan 3, Kabul