Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

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Killing of Children isn’t Fair

Dear Editor,

The people of Ghazni province observed yesterday (Sunday) as a mourning day. According to the resident of Ghazni city, recently the Taliban militants have killed 11 school going students in front of the people. They have requested the President Hamid Karzai, Minister of Interior and Minster of Defense to do more for bringing betterment in the security situation of Ghazni. The incident is condemnable in hardest words.

Condition of children in Afghanistan has always been miserable. According to a piece of news published in the Daily Outlook Afghanistan, in 2009 one thousand children were killed in war in Afghanistan. Also in 2010, the killings of children are continuing. The Afghan and other world leaders are day and night busy in resolving political issues and the question about the future of children is becoming more complex to answer. It is feared that many of these children would go astray by entering the world of crimes instead of remaining a source of hope for Afghanistan. Therefore the government and non government and the national and international organization in Afghanistan should ponder over the issue.

Kind Regards

Latifa Haqjo

Sarai-Ghazni, Kabul