Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

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Unemployment has worried the people

Dear Editor

What are the most dangerous problems Afghanistan is in hunt of today?  What really the most effective problems torment Afghanistan, are obviously unemployment today, which is in a great climbing. Currently, the rate of the unemployment is continuously climbing on.

 In this case the Young generations are likely in victims, even though having a good education and are well-skilled, can’t find job without any recommendation and where ever they find an opportunity that has been reserved before him, because the second person is having the power and recommendation, despite not having a good skill or education.

This is one of the most dangerous and serous problem today Afghanistan is facing, since the government has not fully concerned this problem. This would surely effect the peaceful environment of our country. What happens if this problem remains constant and the great leader of our country doesn’t bother about it? Obviously, the crime will increase and the society will break down into destructions.

Then the government will be impotent and bloody riots will breakout. Finally, this is humbly requested from the higher authorities to save the country by concerning the rate of unemployment in the country and don’t late the new generations fall down after a lot of striving.

An online reader of The Daily Outlook Afghanistan