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BSA – A Preliminary Challenge for Incoming President


BSA – A Preliminary Challenge for Incoming President

The run-off between Dr. Abdullah and Abdullah and Dr Ashraf Ghani is due to enter into second round, subsequent to successful completion of first round. Afghanistan passes through numerous problems, uncertain political circumstance and unstable security condition stand to be the most immediate problems, pleading prior attention. The incoming government has to drag out the country out of mirage of problems. Putting cognitive abilities into practice the outgoing political leadership could reduce the size of problems if couldn’t eradicate them. Nevertheless, the opportunities and compensation time extended was demeaned and wasted, consequently nothing out of boundless opportunities of time are achieved.

The degree of uncertainty, concerning the future of Afghanistan, subsequent to non-ratification of BSA widened, melted the reliance of ordinary masses including business persons, investors, non-public organizations, educationalists, industrialists and people from different walks of life, on the forthcoming dismal circumstances. The delayed if not denied fate of BSA, is one of the underlying reasons behind the sustenance of status quo, which didn’t practically serve the interest of Afghanistan.

The intensity of suspicion over irreversibility of ongoing situation entailing diverse security, political and economic troubles multiplied with every advancing day, eroded the confidence of both foreigners and locals equal to the maximum degree; consequently huge off-putting impact is inflicted on socioeconomic uplift of the country. Consequently, an economic downfall was evidently witnessed that quaked Afghans financial gains.

Indisputably, Afghan National Army (ANA) is underdeveloped and direly needs training, assistance, advice and equipments. The BSA allows US military trainers and counterterrorism forces to remain in Afghanistan after the last American combat troops leave the country by December this year. This will ensure both political stability and improved security, given the insurgents and non-democratic forces trying to destabilize the system, are kept at bay. The Taliban is dreaming, to oust Kabul government subsequent to the withdrawal of US forces, turn futile whilst Afghan national army is well equipped and privileged with greater opportunity of continued training by international forces.

Formerly, the ministers of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) met urging the need to continue supporting afghan forces. Though NATO has demonstrated full commitment and resolute stance to support their mission in Afghanistan, which will focus on train, advice and assist of the Afghan security forces beyond the deadline for complete withdrawal, yet the government has not displayed its political vision, undoing progression towards political isolation. Afghanistan passes through critical states; the battered relationship with eastern and western world may not be deemed as a compliant and desirable legacy. Some of NATO countries eager to contribute in rebuilding Afghanistan aren’t pleased with ongoing stalemate for security deal, which in turn erodes their resolve to contribute.

Subsequent to Taliban regime toppled, US and allies are persistently supporting Afghanistan in every walk of human endeavor, be that socioeconomic development, political stability or combating remnants of Al-Qaida and Taliban. In the line of duty large number of US combat forces died. The Department of Defense has identified 2,302 American service members have died as a part of the Afghan war and related operations. Undeniably US played an immense role in strengthening democratic institutions in Afghanistan; in doing so broader enduring strategic partnership agreement was signed between Afghanistan and US. In light of said agreement the status of security forces had to be enforced with Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) that grants them certain safeguards.

US and NATO allies are due to leave Afghanistan by the end of year 2014 whilst BSA remained unsigned. Inevitably, a considerable number of residual forces should be kept behind for the continuation of “assist, advice and train” mission of afghan armies. Consequently, US stipulated the retention of US residual forces to signature of BSA. Earlier US asserted to go for “zero option” if the BSA isn’t duly signed by corresponding authority in the Kabul. Nevertheless, BSA accord is subjected to indefinite delay, by the outgoing president, who referred the fate of BSA to incoming President.

This very stance of Karzia government raised several ambiguities to the fate of US-Afghanistan relationship. Reportedly the relationship between Obama administration and Karzai government suffers high degree of strain. White house has repeatedly warned of complete draw down, provided BSA not singed. Conversely the US senators don’t conform to this decision of Obama administration. However, there is grave reservation found on this very unfavorable stance of Obama administration. Majority in US congress turn down the idea to complete withdrawal, fearing Afghanistan enters in civil war and insecurity. Formerly the US senators warned the Obama administration against leaving a fewer number of troops in Afghanistan beyond this year would be a fatal mistake.

The reason behind the underlined concerns is the lesson of Iraq, where reportedly the remnant of Al-Qaida has turned unbeatable after Iraq turned down signing a similar accord. The White House might have learned "a lesson from Iraq," where all US troops were pulled after Iraq failed to sign a bilateral security agreement. This resulted, in tragic, the rise of violence, and growing risk of renewed sectarian conflict and resurrection of terrorists. The US senators caution that fatal mistake in Iraq must not be repeated in Afghanistan.

Given the Karzai government repudiated to sign BSA, the US senators expressed a needed willingness to rely on the upcoming administration that is likely to sign the BSA. Both leading runners Dr. Abudllah Abudallh and Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai expressed willingness to renew their working relationship with US depicts BSA is likely singed by upcoming administration. The finalization of status of BSA will render to be the prior most challenge for forthcoming premier that will put his leadership capability at test.

Asmatyari is the permanent writer of Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at asmatyari@gmail.com.

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