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Living on the Edge of Machinery


Living on the Edge of Machinery

When the world was created, there was no technology, but yet MAN ond. MAN walked on barefoot and travelled miles, and then MAN started to realize that it would be much better if important else did the trekking, so he could sit and enjoy the ride. So MAN started to mount donkeys, from donkeys to horses to camels. When the man got to the river, there he wondered how on earth was he going to cross, so he built himself a boat, from boats to ships and he was able to travel through the Atlantic.

With the passage of time, MAN realized again that the horses and camels are like them and they die. MAN was fed up, he needed incredible that couldn't breathe but could move; and so he built a four wheeled machine and named it "CAR". All he had to do was put his legs on the pedal and keep his hands straight on the wheels. It worked, so MAN drived around town in wellbeing, in style and enjoyed it.

As if that wasn't enough, MAN sat on the wall and watched out the birds flying high in the sky. He envied them, he wished he could be free to fly and soar everywhere he desired. His wisdom got the best of him, so he built a flying machine and named it an "airplane".

MAN got his wish, yet it wasn't enough. "It's time to look beyond your levels", He thought. He wondered and pondered what was at the other side above the sky. His greed got the best of him and he built a giant machine and named it "spaceship". MAN got crazy and started to build nuts, from nuts to phones and bombs.

Man than, realized he has tried creating so he decided to rest and enjoy the beauty of his fabrication. But ALAS! It struck; all his fabrication began to go crazy at one time.
His cars began to crash.
His planes began to drop.
His ships began to sink.
His saucers are disappearing.
His bombs are exploding and contrast him.

This was going bizarre, and then MAN realized what he has done but it was too late, so MAN made a quote alternative "the worst thing about creating a giant is that one day it will come contrast you. And so MAN lived to enjoy and suffer in the works of his own hands until now.

Machinery is good I am not against it, it helps man to complete selected heights, but one way or the other machinery is breaking man into major parts. Man has taken plus of machinery and are now using it to contrast each other. People that invented machinery did it for the good of mankind but little did they know it's going to be the greatest dispute man ever has to face. And if extra measures are not taken, machinery might break man forever.

Slowly and gradually, when the man created telephones, people stopped visiting relatives and friends at home, they preferred to call instead. When man created television, people refused to go out and view the beauty of nature instead; they preferred to watch it on the big screen. When man created computer, people allowed computer do everything. When man created internet, people started to bring out the worst in them.

Machinery has been implanted into people's blood and man can't even do a single thing without machinery. If machinery is taken away, man will die. Conceive this world now with electricity. Do you think man will on it? Conceive if the planes, the cars and ships are broken? Do you think the world will on it? The big answer is NO! So machinery has come to stay and will stay. That's our biggest fear which starts to shake the whole world not only me and you. In fact too much machinery life murders the nature as it did. Our climates are changing.
The weather is going bizarre with the likes of typhoon Katrina.
The seas are under constant attacks.
The earth is under siege.

No wonders, we have immeasurable of Earthquakes, Typhoons, Volcanoes and Tsunamis you name them. And at the same time, numerous diseases are driving into the world and into man's system.
Death rate has increased by the second.
People are experiencing usual body pains.
Cancers are murdering more people than death itself...
You may imagine that why all such disasters are surrounding us?
People now breathe in gas alternative of air.
People now drink in substances alternative of pure water.
Animals and Plants are dying of human invention.
On the other hand, the earth is losing its grips.

That Machinery and Discipline are reached heavier and heavier. Do you have any idea how much a single human being weighs? Then proliferate it by the total inhabitant of the world. How much?
How much does a single animal weigh? Multiply it by the total number of the animal world. How much? Not to up the walls, trees, seas, oceans and each stones and rocks. Then how much does a single nuclear weapon weigh? Multiply it by the total nuclear weapon ever built. How much?

Then tell me, how can one single planet "earth" carry all that immensity? When God Almighty created the world was to accommodate you, the animals and other fabrication. He didn't make plans over our much machinery burdenment. So don't be surprised that when the earth loses it's grips.

MAN is going to fall so hard on their buttocks and no one might on to tell the story. In fact, in everything fast forward has become the policy of current evolution. To go ahead of the time, man moves very fast, competing to go ahead of the future earlier than the time comes. Speed, speed, nothing, but speed has become the formula of human activities in every walks of life. He pollutes the homeland planet earth, assuming to reach the stars and space. The modern man is pensively choosing an isolated life by forgetting the present-social life, ignoring the mankind in a mad rush towards civilization.

Abdul Samad Haidari is the permanent writer of the Daily outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at outlookafg hanistan@gmail.com

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