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The Holy Month of Ramadan is to Show Compassion & Mercy


The Holy Month of Ramadan is  to Show Compassion & Mercy

All our praise is due to Allah Almighty. We are committed to pray him and seek his guidance, compassion, mercy and ask him help to show us the right path where there is love mercy and forgiveness. And repent to him for our wrong and inhuman evil deeds and actions against his will and against the will of human wisdom on this planet. Anyone, who is guided by Allah, is indeed guided towards mercy and compassion to love human on this beautiful universe. No matter what sect, religion and color he/she belongs to, black or white, Muslim or non-Muslim, Christians or Budhism, anyone called humankind living on this universe is worth loving and to show mercy and compassion. Indeed, anyone who has been led astray, will find no one to guide him, I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, the Only One without any partner and merciful to all human, seeks no black and no white.

My Respected Brothers & sisters, we are coming to the end of the first week of Ramadan or (Ramzan). And I am sure; you are all blessed with its blessings and mercy. Some of us still argue that what does fasting really mean or what is the importance of observing fast. Why do we fast? What do we really seek to gain from fasting? And how can we make the most of it? And what we are supposed to do in order to get the maximum benefit from this Holy month "Ramadan"? These are the most asked and argued questions that one always ponders upon, and indeed it is good to have the clear concept for fasting. Allah says, "You, who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed to those before you. This Holy month is to learn self-restraint and to show mercy and compassion to others and forgiveness including getting rid of all sins we didn't realize or we did them advertently.

Of those of us who are observing fast, enjoy the satisfaction of heart that we are giving up our delicious food and drink, our leisure and amusement so that can please our Lord and Sustainer who always emphasizes us to make good deeds and be compassionate and love the humankinds. Allah tells us in His Holy Book that all our other duties concern the poor, the needy, our families, excluded people, homeless people, helpless children, vulnerable women and people, but fasting is for Allah alone, and he rewards whom he pleases by his merciful deeds and actions on this universe.

We must always bear in mind the purpose of our fasting. It is not just to stay hungry and thirsty. Allah is so merciful and kind, he never wants us suffer, but rather wants us to be what we are supposed to be as he told us in his Holy Book. People always talk of Allah's anger, but very rarely tell of his mercy, compassion and kindness. It is only to be conscious of Allah at all times, not only at bad times. Indeed, observing fast teaches us to tame our lower passions, which we call (Al-Nafs-Al-Ammara-Bis-Sow). This is the lower self that clings to the earth, and drags us towards all the hateful, disgraceful and shameful deeds and actions, envy, greed, sexual lust, jealousy, anger, hatred and revenge…..

Fasting helps us to be disciplined. It helps us to strengthen our conscience, the higher self, which in Arabic is called (Al-Nafas-Al-law-waamah). This is the self-reproaching "Nafs" this is the higher self that constantly blames itself and seeks to put right all the errors and sins of the lower self. Throughout our lives, we seek with this great "WORD" Jihad, what Jihad??? Jihad to kill innocence and excusing that he/she is of other religion, sect and division? Making tens and thousands of women who are passing their lives beside their family members happily widow and hapless? Making thousands of millions of children every day orphans?? Creating gaps between the humankinds on earth? Spreading abhorrence and horror among countries, people, religions, sects, divisions, brothers and sisters?

This is what Jihad stands for?? No..absolutely not.. The real meaning of Jihad is, to fight against our inner evils which lead us towards misunderstanding and misleading the people and destructions of the humankinds in the universe as mentioned above. Jihad's actual meaning is to control our destructive desires and passions so that our thoughts, our words, deeds, and our actions are only good and pleasing to Allah and humankind. The best Jihad is to purify our selves by being merciful, compassion, good deeds and acceptable actions which is neither against the will of God nor against the will of humankinds.

Lets pray that everyone of us will use this Holy Month of Ramadan as an opportunity to fight this most important of all struggles, the Greater Jihad of taking control of our lives, control our lower passions and desires and return to our real Islamic path, by stopping the bloodshed, killing of innocence and hypocrisy. The commitment to develop self-discipline is not only for the Holy month of Ramadan, but rather it must be a life-long commitment which must happen every day. The evil will always persistently offer temptations and make our evil nature seem pleasing to us. We say, A-oozo Bil-laahi Minishaitanir Rageem, which means, I ask for protection from the Evil and fight it not to dominate us under any circumstances.

We must always keep in mind that Allah will hold us to account for our each action, bad or good. We don't want to be among the losers, the ones whose end is hellfire, Jahanam. Perhaps, our deeds and intention must be to fight against evil things that sometimes surround us and to win the ones who will make us enter in to the paradise, he is no but the only one and he is "Allah Almighty". And it happens when we change our evil deeds and unpleasant actions.

For that, we should spend our lives by purifying our thoughts and words and actions, so that when we die we have a purified heart and soul and must not be disgraceful in front of Allah Almighty. Everyone wants his/her soul to be as pure and flawless as the day he/she is born. These all happen when we bring changes in our deeds and actions in this word. However, in the last verses of Suraei Al Fajar, are indeed the words that we all are supposed to hear from Allah, when we die and return to him.

Let's pray that Allah bestows the understanding and comprehension to make commitment in the will of Allah and most importantly, it should be in a way that shouldn't harm others around you in this universe.
This Holy month of Ramadan is also a lesson which reminds us of those hungry innocent children, mothers and brothers who sleep with their empty stomachs throughout the night. In simple words, this is a month which takes you to the reality to remember how hunger looks and sounds like for those who are fasting every day of their lives, not by choice, because they want to observe fast, but rather because of poverty, hunger and vulnerability, because they can't afford to feed themselves or their family members, in simple words due to high temper of compulsion that they simply don't have enough to eat or drink.

Indeed, we must be so very thankful to the blessings of Allah Almighty who bestowed us these blessings, we who enjoy the clean and pure potable water, hot tasty dishes and meals every day and a warm comfortable home, we must remember that we are very fortunate to have these blessings Allah has bestowed us. This is the only month to remember other less fortunate people. And it is the right time with right commitment to show mercy and compassion to those who need it, not for anything else but only for the will of Allah.

As we begin our meal or any important action for the first time or repeatedly every day, even when we get up from beds, we start by the name of Allah (Bismillahir Rahmaanir Rahim). It means, "I begin this action in the Name of Allah, the most Merciful and the most compassionate."
How many times a day we repeat these words? At least it must have some effect on our behavior and deeds, if we are conscious of the meaning. Definitely, compassion and mercy must flow from our words and actions. In time our whole character should be infused with Allah's mercy and compassion. This is one of the biggest lessons of Ramadan for us all.

Above all, let's pray that Allah Almighty gives us the strength, compassion and mercy to forgive the enemy, change our bad and unlikely deeds and characteristics which are against the will of Allah and His followers in this universe. May Allah guide those who are going against his will and creating bloodshed in the name of Allah. Let us also pray that whosoever serves this great country Afghanistan honestly with devotion, Allah gives him the best of all blessings with peace in mind and satisfaction of heart. Let's also pray that peace, harmony, brotherhood, unity, mercy, compassion and stability build our all ways ahead in this great country Afghanistan.

Abdul Samad Haidari is the permanent writer of the Daily outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at outlookafg hanistan@gmail.com

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