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Nuclear Weapons are Designed to Crush Mankind


Nuclear Weapons are  Designed to Crush Mankind

Since 1945, the first nuclear weapons have been developed across the globe for the sake of human protection and the future human related risks. We are quite confident of our destructive inventions, whatever we gain or invent is called civilization, the nuclear weapon which is only designed to crush the mankind and eradicate the sign of humanity from the face of earth. Indeed we are so confused and frightened looking at the global clashes and crisis, more importantly, shocking to see what would be the impacts of Nuclear bombs and natural disasters since our great leaders came up with a mad rush towards developing nuclear weapons and believe to be the core solution to all problems while they have left behind planning to protect us from the natural disasters instead.

The growing madness of the societies outlines a new world order much different from the old. It is an order promoting death rather than life, terror rather than peace, frustration rather than self-realization, alienation rather than community and powerlessness rather than personal opportunity, genocide rather than human development. And from this new world order, we feel victorious, by destroying the sign of humankind from the face of the earth, we feel triumphant and thus name it…"defense plan", or civilization which allow each one of us to be a terrified bystander to the drama of international affairs, but a direct participant in the healing of the planet, contributing to world devastation daily in our homes and workplaces...The plan begins with the assumption that we are insecure and lack sufficient military forces. Is it really so?!

We see today that throughout the world, terrorism is getting stronger and larger. Criminal networks are growing faster than ever. Terrorists are changing their ways of fight by applying various modern tactics and their tactics are getting modern every day, such as Al-Qaeda that openly expresses a desire to obtain the nuclear weapons. What will happen to the world if they make an approach to the Nuclear weapon is the most serious question. We see very clearly that disloyalty, hypocrisy, dishonesty and fraud have become the rule of the game. Who can guarantee that the Al-Qaeda will not reach to the Nuclear Weapon?

We must all know very seriously that, today the world is walking on a dangerous age and facing a very harsh prospect of potential nuclear disaster. The human in the world must struggle to find ways in order to prevent the nuclear war and reduce the nuclear weapons, technologies and materials in the world and to bring the remaining ones under strict international control. This is indeed a battle for survival and justice, for this battle all the countries particularly the developing world and powerful countries must show a reaction first. Without the world's supper power leadership, the world will continue its flirtation with nuclear disaster, increasing the likelihood that the U.S itself could become the victim of its own double standards and alike.

The threat of the nuclear weapon is never anything less than genocide as it was On August 6, 1945; the city of Hiroshima was the target of the first atomic bomb used against civil population in history. Three days later, the United States dropped a second atomic bomb over the city of Nagasaki. In total, about a quarter of a million people were killed by the two bombs. This must be the best lesson for us and the world at large that the root to ruining humankind from the face of the earth will be the Nuclear Weapon.

For the survivors of the initial blast who do not die in the firestorm that follows, many will die painfully over the next few weeks, often after brief, hopeful periods where they appear to be getting better. The impacts of nuclear weapon is high according to the specialists that it begins with a torturing feelings on the skin, or an itching, which starts shortly after the blast. These symptoms are signs that the body is starting to break down internally at the molecular level. The insides of those who get a sever dose of gamma radiation but mange to survive the other traumas, whose organs had once been well defined as lungs, liver, heart, intestines, etc., begin to resemble an undefined mass of bloody pulp. Within days, or perhaps, weeks, the victims usually bleeding painfully from every hole and pore in their body, at last die and receive their final mercy with extreme pain from the nuclear weapon.

To prevent the world from sinking into the darkness, we have to turn aside the future nuclear catastrophes. It is necessary to change the course of current nuclear policy. In order to do this, we need a new way of thinking about the nuclear weapons that reflects the view that they undermine rather than enhance our security. This is the conclusion reached by General George Lee Butler, the late former head of the U.S strategic Command. General Butler was once in the charge of all US strategic weapons.

The concept of security has far too long been interpreted too narrowly. As a security of territory from external aggression, or as protection of national interests in foreign policy or as global security from the threat of nuclear holocaust, it has been related to nation-states more than people forgotten were the legitimate concerns of ordinary people who sought security in their daily lives. For many of us now, security symbolized protection from the threat of disease, hunger, unemployment, crime "And Terrorism", social conflict, political repression and environmental hazards. With the dark shadow of the Cold War receding, one can see that many conflicts are within the nations rather than between the nations.

If we want a secure life without any threat, we are supposed to end the nuclear weapon which is the worst threat to all humanity. In this regard, the ordinary people must engage in the issue and it must become a top priority issue of the day. At this moment in time, most people are not engaged in this issue, or may even incorrectly believe that the nuclear weapons provide status and enhance rather than undermine their concerns. The world must consider the livelihood on this planet too.

The world's respected leaders must think of human's survival instead of genocide and to stop all efforts on developing the nuclear weapons. Cancel the plans to build new nuclear weapons production plants. Start and enforce a legally binding US commitment to no first use of nuclear weapons against the other poor nations possessing nuclear weapons. Cancel funding for and plans to deploy offensive missile "defense" systems which could ignite a dangerous arms race and offer no security against terrorist weapons of mass destruction.

The world instead of focusing more on human genocide, redirect funding programs to dismantling nuclear weapons, safeguarding nuclear materials, cleaning up the toxic legacy of the Nuclear Age and meeting more pressing social needs such as education, health care and social services and make a fund to save hundred and million of lives who are dying of poverty and vulnerability.

We have no magical formula for accomplishing these goals or, for that matter, changing the world in any direction. Instead we must change the way we think for the betterment of the world. People must immediately change their thinking and they must engage in this issue as if their very lives depended upon it because they do.

Many people think that this will probably not happen until another major city has been destroyed by a nuclear weapon. It would be a terrible failure of imagination of the destruction of a city is required to move us to take significant action to end the nuclear weapons threat to humanity.

Now we must reach to a conclusion that the danger is indeed lurking in the dark recesses of our collective consciences. Why else would we give our tacit assent to nuclear weapons programs, even in our most prestigious universities where the next generation of leaders is being educated? We must bring the hidden fears and dangers of the Nuclear Age into the light and act with resolve to change the course of history, which sadly now seems to be racing toward inevitable future nuclear catastrophes, unless there is a real awakening.

I personally belief that peace is the sturdy child of terror, for me such a peace would be a wretched offspring, a peace that condemns us to live under a dark cloud of perpetual anxiety, a peace that codifies mankind's most murderous instincts.

Abdul Samad Haidari is the permanent writer of the Daily outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at outlookafg hanistan@gmail.com

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