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A Day to Remember


A Day to Remember

This is an ultimate privileged moment for the people of Afghanistan at large to celebrate the 19th of August, one of the most precious and proud moments in their long rich political and cultural history to remember the freedom of their nation being achieved more than nine decades back with the support of their great HEROES from the Great Britain. Perhaps, it creates an atmosphere to look back at the history and as well as to the future of this great country Afghanistan, and the people that across the country are striving to build their country again with much more enthusiasms while strengthening their relationships with the citizens from many nations, joining together in a shared vision and mission of a secure, stable and prosperous Afghanistan soon in the future Inshallah.

Historically, Afghanistan has passed the worst time during the Soviet Union war and the recent Taliban Regime that had pushed Afghanistan decades of years backwards but still the people of Afghanistan have not lost hope in the face of great challenges. We see progress on the ground with the support of the great international community that is still fighting with intention to promote peace and planting the seeds for long-term progress for the wellbeing of our country.

Afghanistan like every other countries, celebrates its freedom "Independence Day" achieved from the Britain on August 19th. Being a war-torn country, the independence day of Afghanistan has lost much of its sheer and elegance in the due course of time and imposed with terrorist attacks, insurgency and even prone to natural calamities. The land of Afghans has been the melting pot of Eastern and Western cultures and terribly affected the social and cultural growth of the country. Afghanistan has been invaded by numerous rulers including Alexander the great, Mongol rulers and Turkish Empire, however Ahmad Shah Durrani in the eighteenth century annexed many of the neighboring territories and made Kandahar its capital. Afghanistan achieved full independence from the reigns of British Empire on August 19th 1919 and the day embodies the rich historical and cultural aspect of the country.

However, soon after, under the kingdom Amanullah Khan who was believed to be a unique Afghan King whose reformist ideas, vision and mission were at least a century ahead of the very time he was living. And thus, one of his core reforms was to grant and encourage full women rights which included abolition of Burqa and forced seclusion of women's freedom of press, mandatory and education for all the citizens of Afghanistan, abolition of slavery and forces labor, fighting corruption, injustice, creation of first Afghan constitution, civil rights guarantees, national ID for each Afghan citizens, establishing of a democratic legislation assembly, abolition of all privileges for the Tribal Chiefs and Royal Family, and the secularization of Afghan Judicial System based on the ideals of French Revolution's Liberte, Egalite, and Fratermite as opposed to Islamic Shaira laws which resulted in Islamic fundamentalists' successful revolt against him.

Hence, he has served Afghanistan in the best way of all times, introduced everything to the people of Afghanistan that they were lacking, freedom, freedom of thoughts, ideas, opinions, justice for all, and a strong stable democratic country where everyone had the right to ask him his/her right. As we are going to celebrate our country's Independence Day in upcoming Aug 19, 2011, there comes a question, and it may be knocking in the mind of each of you which remained unanswered as we see the country is going deeper day by day in a insecure place in the course of Insurgency growth and their accelerating tactical planned attacks on the key officials.

In this regard, one wonders, when Afghanistan becomes a real safe and peaceful country. And then, will Karzai act smarter and courageous enough than what he did in the last couple of years as an Afghan President, to reincarnate himself as the 21st century Amanullah Khan to rescue Afghanistan from the ongoing death-grips of the so-called Islamic fundamentalists, Warlords turned politicians, the Tribal Chiefs in their drug infested fiefdoms, corrupt Afghan officials with suitcases full of dollars bound for Dubai, and the ever increasing violence and injustices against Afghan women, children and against the powerless people. And thus, will he put an intensive concern over the poor and helpless widows begging along the streets to feed the orphan children whose fathers have sacrificed their lives for the sake of this great country. Is he really willing to pay attention to those disabled people left from the Soviet war? We must salute those great loyal fighters who have devoted their lives for the sack of this country today we are proudly living in.

19th August, will be the best day of all which reminds of how the past people were united with each other, honest, sincere and with one hand fighting for this great country. Ever since my childhood, I have only seen destruction, killings and bloodshed in my homeland; I was always looking forward to seeing a prosperous, stable and a civilized Afghanistan because in an advanced country, people can acquire proper education and their rights and live with peace, justice and a life of dignity with the best standard of education which eventually leads to cultural and political awareness as well as rational policy making. It is not only, there are million and thousands of youth like me wondering alike. Educated and equal rights based approached nations learn to develop a sense of patriotism and responsibility towards their country, nation and humanity at different levels of their education and responsibility. A rational and educated person may never inconsiderately betray his own country just as no one would ignorantly burn down his own home.

More importantly, people nurturing their responsibility for their country but should also realize that patriotism and nationalism are two different concerns that we must know. Patriotism should be on the sound state of integrity, truthfulness and loyalty to a country and its people. Patriotism should be a strong sense of responsibility that nations nurture in themselves to make their country a better place for all to live, defend its borders, and nation from looting, assault, exploitation and invasion. People should nurture a feeling of responsibility towards their country or the country of their birth; however, this pride should not lead to the extreme nationalism, which may lead to wars and massacres.

Today our country is facing tremendous rates of challenges, of violence, corruption, terror movement, and injustice, violation of human rights, tormenting of human freedom, and killing of expressing opinions and thoughts and freedom of getting education. These all lead the people towards an unhealthy competition with other nations that often leads to unnecessary wars. This sort of behaviors inevitably leads to traumatic events that involve a destruction of peace and a violation of human rights for a country and its nation. This sort of extreme nationalistic sentiments happened in Afghanistan over the past three decades, which inevitably led to traumatic events that entailed the destruction of peace and violation of human rights.

In addition to above mentioned thoughts, history has recorded the physical and emotional pains that extreme nationalists created for all in Afghanistan, which led to brutal ethnic cleansing in the country. Everyone suffered during the severe wars in Afghanistan, especially women and children. So, everyone needs to know that extremism in any form is dangerous and can lead to negative outcomes. By violating other people's basic rights and neglecting other nationalities, languages, races, and religions out of the ignorant pride of extreme nationalism, it is possible to reduce humans to beneath the level of animals.

As human beings we are capable of training animals to perform certain tasks, but by simply learning these lessons, they do not become human; however, if humans embrace ignorance and cruelty, they abandon the circle of humanity. I believe that people should nurture their love for their country. To put into a nutshell, I shall state to say that it is a proud moment for us to celebrate our past and get ideas of our past united personalities and their sacrifices for the betterment of this great country. And I hope our history teaches us of unity and brotherhood to decorate our country with our own united hands. So be the one that your country feels proud of.

Abdul Samad Haidari is the permanent writer of the Daily outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at outlookafg hanistan@gmail.com

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