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Who Cares About the Suffering of Innocent Afghans?


Who Cares About the Suffering of Innocent Afghans?

Let's start with the very basic law of gravity. The bigger mass always at tracts the smaller ones. But this law may not always prove to be same among the human communities. However, it seems far probable that bigger issues, incidents are quite helpful in streaming attentions toward themselves, while some of them can not do and another incident which is possible less important can do so. Say, for example, the almost three centuries of destructive civil war and the vicious ideological and political embroilment of regional countries for supremacy in Afghanistan, the both which win the major blame-award for the current Afghan miseries and creation of security thread, not only to the region,

but also to the world—could never caused the, so-called, an integrated international community reaction to itch their heads and reassess the policy of "biting tongue and keep silent".

But the 9/11 sparked such an "awake up" call that former President of United States clearly presented for the world only two options—be with us or against us". It is not the only example that did not go the basis of natural law of gravity.

Observe the case of GAZA blockade by Israel. GAZA has been changed into a real camp for imprisonment of a million and half of its citizens, whose biggest sins, perhaps according to Testament of Tele Aviv rulers, are letting Hamas militants to rule over and "asking Israelis to stop murdering, mutilating, and occupying their territories. But that Palestine human tragedy never caused Arab and rest of the world to send a strong massage to Israeli government to loosen the blockade.

This should not be inferred as I try to count short both incidents of 9/11 terrorist attack on twin towers and occupation of Isreali, what I try to say is many incidents, issues do not or can not attract due attention, while some of the other can do so. Thanks God that 9/11 could bring policy changes worldwide. And the tragedy of Afghanistan got central focus. The elimination of Taliban and its Al-Qaeda ally became the top priority of President Obama, which certainly contributed to lessen the sufferings of Afghan citizens.

But, meanwhile, there is cost that only innocent citizens of Afghanistan should pay and share the burden alike. However, some may not feel the burden so much as the others do—good for them living a simple life. But for hundreds of thousands of Afghans, life is chilly, cruel, painful, hurting and troublesome, and they never test a prestigious life, at least current generation, what for others is the very essential right. Thereis no courts for them to refer, no one to heed, no one to give importance, because there is no visible bruise or injuries to body. What? Do you think if there is something invisible, it denotes to nonexistence of the thing. Of course, not. The real pain is deep soul injuries that drugs can not heal them. It makes you suffer and live dead life with living body.

As I have mentioned in my previous articles, Many Indians when see me, that my face looks quite similar to Chinese, ask me where am I from. Where is my country? When I respond that I am from Afghanistan show a kind of fretting and ask me whether I have seen Osama Bin Laden or not. Probably it does not look for you as a big deal. But in reality it is. In this case, you are humiliated on the ground of your country, as cliché on the ground of sex, religion and etc. Is there any domestic and international court to respond to hundreds of thousands of humiliation discrimination based on living soil? Nope, as far as I know.

I do not blame common people in Pakistan, India, Iran and any other countries to have sufficient information about the whole political issues of Afghanistan and understand about the types of extremists and, more importantly, their origin. What they know is their picture which media present—that of suicide attacks, drug trafficking so and on and so for.

In media, the name of Afghanistan is changed into "Chaos- stan", thanks to former US military commander to Afghanistan, General McChrystal, for giving true definition, and it is also named the "mother of vicious circles"—this name is awarded by great New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd. As well, it is notable to mention that great international columnist call the internet Network of international terrorist as "virtual Afghanistan".  The most hurting pain make you suffer, when seeing the ground, you do not left lonely to raise any question regarding the novice understanding of this and that.

See, for example, the condition of Afghans, who fled the country only and only for opposing Taliban mentality and radical Islamist ideology, that caused them the live of their family members and loading migration burden. But in neighboring country, the one who claims the Muslim brotherhood, the name of Afghanistan is the most humiliating and curse abuse. An Afghan migrant from Iran told me that word "Afghan" is the most abusive word that you can ever use for a person. They are beaten down, mutilated and even killed, no body is asked for and no one take responsibility. Reportedly, the cleric regime of Iran recently adopted an every efficient diplomacy in order restrain the Afghan drug trafficking. They found a good way to release themselves from opium tragedy.

They make Afghan migrants drug-addicts and send them back to Afghanistan to create an internal circulation of opium and drugs within the country. However, there is not strong document, but the large drug addicts of Afghan migrant in Iran can be counted as evidence. Along the Afghanistan-Iran border, the number of drug addicts, if it be surveyed truly, is larger then any parts of the country, perhaps, larger then north of the country, where people use drugs to alleviate the pain of back-breaking, consistent hours of work for earning food to survive.

Seemingly, psychological and economic problems of Afghan migrants make them more exposed to drug addiction. In order to forget all about their sufferings and humiliation, which is supported by the very clerical regime of Iran, they enticed to go towards opium and heroin.

Jawad Rahmani is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at jawad_rahmani2001@yahoo.com

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