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Man is the Creator of his own Fortune


Man is the Creator of his own Fortune

No one can do what a person himself can do for his life. Fortune of a man depends upon his own self; he can make or ruin something as he wishes. In other words, the destiny of a man lies in his own hands, and he can be successful if he only wills it. Man has been sent out to this world by God gifted with all those qualities which are indispensable for greatness. It is up to man to utilize these qualities. If he puts his whole heart into his work and makes the best use of his talents, creativity, he can become successful in life. He only courts failure, if he does not do this. A man who possesses a strong will and a firm determination finds all difficulties solved. To him there are a thousand ways open to steer clear of all dangers and snags. Such a man goes on working hard, and even if he fails he is never downcast. Failures make him all the more strong-minded and he persists in his task, till he attains the desired success. It is therefore, the man, who labors hard with a strong resolution and an unshaken will, who achieves success and makes his fortune. It is the height of folly to suppose that wealth, fame or power comes to a man by his sitting at home and only asking for it. A person must be persevering and must exert himself, if he wants to shape out his destiny. He who fails to bring strength of mind and industry to bear upon his work in life has nothing but suffering and troubles as his lot. A man cannot achieve wealth, and fortune unless he works hard and unless he has a powerful will, if follows that he is the builder of his own fortune. He can make his fortune if he wishes to do so, by being industrious and persevering. He can also bring misery and suffering upon him-self if he has not the wish to labor. It is rightly to quote a well-known story of the carpenter-boy who shows how even impossible things are made possible. A carpenter-boy was one day found hard at work in repairing a chair and polishing it. One of his neighbors who was watching him at his work, ridiculed him for his taking so much pains. The boy replied to his neighbor’s ridicule by saying that there was a motive behind his action. He was polishing it so carefully because he would one day sit upon it. The neighbor laughed at his idea, but what was his surprise when be found that the boy, by dint of perseverance and strength of will, rose to be a magistrate and actually sat upon the chair which he had himself mended. The lesson behind this great story is that when a person wills something and takes the charge of his life then he becomes the person which he thought of himself. Many people think that the course of a man's life on earth is decided by fate, but this is a wrong idea. A man's future depends on his own self. If he wastes his time in idleness, or depends too much on others or loses heart in the face of difficulties, he will fail in life. If, on the other hand, he makes proper use of his time and opportunities, and follows his aim in life with patience and perseverance, success is sure to come to him. Even ordinary abilities will bring him success if he makes good use of them. In fact, history abounds with examples of men rising to greatness from a humble beginning merely by their own exertions. On the other hand, we often come across men endowed with abilities failing in life. This is because they did not make proper use of their time and opportunities, but wasted them in idleness. Their abilities thus got rusted and hence became useless. So it is a person that makes or mar his/her life. It is mentionable that each man with his unique capabilities has the power to choose, that is the only thing that matters for achieving everything. Life is tough for those who think it is tough. There are some persons who might not want to change their job to a better one solely for the fear of adjustments they would have to make. The ‘risk factor’ is also the ‘stopping factor’. So does it make human life stagnant? Does scientist will stop working on a miracle drug from the fear that it may not lead to perfect results? People who do not try do not usually get anywhere. Man has the inherent tendency of being manipulated by his own mind. So why not divert it into something useful. Manipulating one’s own self to stay positive and be determined, to be hopeful and dream, to be brave and choose. God has given mankind the ability to desire and to long not in vain.
If a man loses, it is not due to fate, it’s just that he overlooked something small and significant. Even he forgot to do some important chore, or he did not work hard enough. Even a building can not stand perfectly if some bricks are not in the right place. All the intellectuals and successful people in the world are the same as others; it’s only what they choose to become that made them different. Bill Cullen for example, is among the top 50 wealthiest and most successful persons of Ireland. He started from selling apples on a cart when he was a boy. But he had positive attitude, the will power and sheer determination to create his own future. He now runs his own company and is the founder of the national youth foundation of Ireland. All in all, every man reaps the results of his own actions. If he is achieve, he will be rewarded for his activity and if he is idle, he will have to suffer for his idleness.
Besides, man is superior because only he can create his own destiny. He is the planner of his own future unlike any other being, this being is the greatest blessing for him. No one can think for him, no one can work for him, no one can dream for him and no one can turn those dreams into reality for him. Only he can for himself and only he can do it.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the newly emerging writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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