Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, August 7th, 2020

National Interest ShouldBe Priority in Strategic Ties with the U.S.


National Interest ShouldBe Priority  in Strategic Ties with the U.S.
In realpolitik a state has to distinguish between what it must do and what to avoid for promoting and safeguarding the national interest of a country and It becomes the prime responsibility of a government to identify the interests which are vital, foremost and possible for the nation state in the given international context. In every relationship whether it is bilateral or multilateral national interest should prevail and should be given priority. The government is obliged to protect the national interest of the state. The same applies when it comes to strategic or bilateral ties with the United States. Regarding longterm strategic ties with the United States Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Monday said that his government will convene Loya Jirga for signing such agreement with the United States. The specifics of such agreement or deal haven’t been declared yet and have to be hammered out in the later stage. According to President a grand Assembly or Loya Jirga (composed of Afghan elders) will be convened to decide on the fate of strategic ties with the United States. Prior to signing such agreement the Jirga should prefer safeguarding the national interest and long term interests of the country based on mutual respect and ensuring peace and stability, strengthening and equipping Afghan security forces, prevention of neighbors meddling in the internal affairs of the country, economic assistance and the presence of foreign forces in the country are all issues which need to be considered and negotiated prior to agreement. Instead of emotional and irrational approaches it is needed to adopt rational and pragmatic approach that should coincide with the national and strategic interests of Afghanistan. The government needs to choose wise, pragmatic, rational and experienced people for deciding on such an important agreement. In the past too there have been discussions and widespread rumors that the United States wishes long term security partnership with the government and people of Afghanistan which unleashed widespread criticism from some countries especially in the neighborhood waving their concerns regarding such agreement. Being a sovereign state it is the right of Afghanistan to establish bilateral ties or strategic agreement with any country it wants according to the international treaties and conventions. It is the right of government of Afghanistan to build relations with the United States on the principles of equality, respect, partnership and mutual interest. The government should be assertive and should avoid any pressure or compromises in this connection. No national interest should be compromised at any cost. There have been some issues in the past where sovereignty of Afghanistan is breached, ranging from international contracts, Kabul Bank fiasco to some high level appointments in the government circles and ignoring Afghan government pleas in the coalition forces operation often resulting in civilian casualties in the name of so called collateral damage, the western media propaganda exaggerating minor issues in order to turn the public opinion against the government and their support of some notorious elements inside the country are all areas where some western countries are committing blunders and encroaching the sovereign rights of the country.

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