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Parliamentary Elections!


Parliamentary Elections!

Election is a democratic movement which makes a significant landmark in a community. The citizens, who have been marginalized to decide on political issues, are supposed to play their vital roles in electing their president by going to election stations. Conducting election is the most democratic way which gives legitimacy to the power of a particular person. The main goal which is intended in election is to bring changes in political structure of a country in a democratic manner.

Moreover, a country which has been the witness of more than three decades of war and is at the outset of stepping towards democracy will certainly face many challenges. Of course, such a country which is at its infancy, therein political maturity is not grown enough and the political structure will be highly fragile. As Afghanistan is deep in the grip of many challenges such as instability, economic recession, violent crime, sectarian violence, low educational system, etc., it is too hard to pull it towards wellbeing overnight. Afghanistan is tantamount to a baby crawling towards democracy, security, etc., however, it takes time to reach its goal if this baby is not teased by internal barriers or foreign enemies.

According to Constitution, the parliamentary elections must by held before June 21, 2015, however, no measurements have been taken so far by the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and timeline for elections has not been announced yet.

Recently, there have been contradictory statements on postponing upcoming elections, which have concerned election observer groups.

Last month, Deputy presidential spokesman Shah Hussain Murtazvi said the Independent Election Commission should present the timetable for the parliamentary election by early March.

He said a meeting was also organized with the international donors to discuss the arrangement of funds for the elections.

To public amazement, in spite of the open door of nomination, political parties are in dilemma to send their leaders to be nominated. The long pause of the political parties is a matter of great surprise for public. Correspondents are looking voraciously, with eagle eyes, to see who will move towards nomination, nevertheless, the politicians’ resistance remains an enigma for the analysts to think for the correct reason. Indeed, it is highly astonishing that in a supposedly hustle and bustle of election, the country is facing the worst insurgency.

Whenever election approaches, the ominous cloud of nationalism creeps over the country. Many nations vote to their candidates based on national and racial grounds rather than considering qualified individuals. Indeed, this painful fact smacks of political immaturity and hot issues of nationalism. Likewise, their leaders are treated as infallible characters, no matter how much they betrayed the trust of their nations. Hence, Afghan people are still afflicted with the deadly disease of nationalism, even though, they have been victimized by common enemies and burn in the furnace of terrorism and radicalism.

It is a bitter fact to say that Afghan people have been the victim of nationalism throughout the history. The factional conflicts, sectarian violence, political tensions, etc. left hundreds of thousands of dead behind, however; people repeat the same mistakes recorded by history time and again across the country. The more such murderous incidents continue, the more victims will be left behind. Thus, our people should be aware not to be digested in the storm of the same isms and conflicts.

If the politicians hide themselves behind sympathetic façade for the sake of their own advantages, they will be the most corrupt leaders of their nations. Of course, some unconscionable acts are done by the political heads, while people have turned blind eyes to their blunders. It is believed that those who claim to shoulder the responsibility of representing the people; they must do their best to serve their nations devotedly.  

Forming political coalitions by prominent leaders of several parties was no more than void displays. The sumptuous meetings in the home of one political leader or another, which first gave high hopes to the society, were all in vain. It is clear that in a country like Afghanistan, the main target of a candidate is to gain power and position. Struggling for stability, economic development, terrorist eradication, etc. are just a set of words to be said intentionally or unintentionally by those who are campaigning.

Anyhow, people fluctuate between high hopes and deep despair by the one news or another. How the election will change their future? Can the future president or members of parliament eradicate the terrorist and insurgency from the country? Will there strong political changes after the election? These are the questions arising in the minds of many citizens. Furthermore, the answers remain in ambiguity and it is too hard to decide on any reliable bases.

In addition, the transparency of the election is another issue which causes concern for Afghan people. Of course, cheating will be an inevitable phenomenon in country like Afghanistan.  Many political powers will interfere in the issue for their own advantages. A clear and transparent parliamentary election is not possible in the country, considering the current situation. Hence, it is one of the major challenges going on in the country.

People are waiting for parliamentary election to vote with high hopes and expectations. The first and basic thing they need is security situation. They want to a parliament which would take nations issues seriously.

It is the moral responsibility of National Unity Government leader to play their role constructively rather than misusing their position or fame. They have not to cause social fragment or political tensions in the country any more. Likewise, there should not be a business with the ballots of innocent people who are voting with high hopes. Election plays a key role in bringing better changes in a community. Furthermore, it is a way towards democracy and freedom, so people wish to breathe democracy in a secure society. It is hoped that the expectation of Afghan citizens with the entire struggle that they do, will not be dashed out.

Hujjattullah Zia is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at zia_hujjat@yahoo.com

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