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Afghanistan’s Tough Times, Solidarity and Responsibility


Afghanistan’s Tough Times, Solidarity and Responsibility

Afghanistan is passing through hard and challenging issue. The Nation’s opponents seek continuously to dismantle individuals’ solidarity and sympathy and to put tremendous mental pressure on them. The terrorist groups and their regional backers aim to stoke sectarianism and create a wide gap between state and nation through mental disturbance. Such objectives have been proved abortive; however, there is still a need for meticulous and wise view so that the terrorists’ sinister plot does not come to an effect or target national unity.
Constituting a rift between state and nation will pave the grounds for terrorist activities and push the country towards further destruction.
The bulk of the current challenges in Afghanistan is believed to root in the sinister plots which target the national solidarity and are likely to cultivate discord. Cultivating discord will be the most significant way in smoothing the path for foreign interests and this trend has continued for long period. As Afghan nation seeks to move towards unity within a decade and half, mysterious hands are operating to hamper national solidarity. Stoking racial, religious and linguistic violence and maximizing the ethnic differences and pointing out the historical tragedies are the issues to target the unity.
Luckily, despite being supported financially and politically for long time, the realm of the plots’ effect has remained restricted with the reinforcement of national solidarity and the enemies’ dream has not come true. The increasing level of education, the eye-opening issues of the country’s history, global evolution, and sound understanding of citizens’ common interests and equal rights have hampered the cultivation of discord to a great extent. More importantly, the realm of religious tenets has extended through constant calls for unity and preventing Muslims from discord and splinter, which also challenged the political plots. The Holy Koran, Hadiths, and Islamic Sunnah seek to foil the enemies’ plots and stand against the systematic political conspiracy.
National Solidarity and Considering Common Destiny
In addition to emphasis on strengthening the spirit of national unity by religion, Afghanistan’s Constitution has also underlined unity and solidarity suggesting the way for strengthening them. One of the main reasons behind bonding nation in general and Afghan nation in particular is common destiny and interests. In other words, political interests are the factor in sustaining people’s unity throughout the world. The differences in languages, sub-cultures, faith and values could not hamper their unity. Based on this fact, all citizens regardless of their backgrounds will be doomed to a single destiny and have to seek common interests. For instance, economic weakness and strength, military power, and poverty and wealth will affect the destiny and life of the entire citizens.
Therefore, ethnic, linguistic and religious differences, bestowed by the Creator and are indivisible in a society, are accepted globally as a certain principle. Variety and pluralism are accepted as a key factor for development and progress rather than a weak point.
Accepting the principle of variety and pluralism in Afghanistan will also benefit this country. Needless to say, there are multi-ethnic groups in the country with different languages and accent, vision of the world, and certain ethnic and local values which reflect a general fact. A number of different factors have bonded the nation as a single individual, which is also emphasized by religious tenets. It should be noted that the past bitter-sweet days and success and failure will affect all citizens equally and they have common friends and foes. This fact has been witnessed through our history and will continue so.
“I believe in this method because I think it is the only way to reestablish a broken community. It is the method which seeks to implement the just law by appealing to the conscience of the great decent majority who through blindness, fear, pride, and irrationality have allowed their consciences to sleep.”
In the current critical time, Afghan nation must seek common grounds and bury any kinds of differences. We need national unity more than before since there are many hands behind the scene struggling to stoke sectarian violence and racial injustice. Despite the apparent differences, which are common around the globe, we are one nation and must stand united and stand as an iron fist against the common enemies. A society will be dismantled in case of being fallen in the quagmire of disunity and discord. In brief, if we stand united, the life-threatening issues such as terrorist activities and militancy will decline on a large scale.

Zia Danish is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at the outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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