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Facebook User’s Unwise and Emotional Approach to Issues


 Facebook User’s Unwise and Emotional Approach to Issues

The necessary ground for using an instrument needs to be paved. That is to say, capacity is to be built in a society before using an instrument or else it will be used negatively and its harm will be more than its good. One will not get the desired result and its negative point will be salient.
Social capacity plays a key role in the positive usage of phenomena and products. If there is enough capacity in a society, the positive usage of an instrument will be possible in the best way. However, if there is no sufficient capacity, a society will be prone to risk. Using the social network of Facebook is one of such issues in Afghanistan. How much positively Facebook users utilize this instrument? Does this network support our society in different aspects or vice versa? How true are the words and statements posted on Facebook? Will our baseless reaction and unreasonable sentiments not increase the crisis?
The views and discussions expressed by Facebook users in Afghanistan are not in accordance with the ongoing facts. Preference in our social life is marginalized by reaction shown in social media and thought and precision have been replaced by sentiment and projection. In addition to targeting our true relations and the emotional wall of families are being collapsed, our patience became zero and our deep thought is ended. Inappropriate, sentimental, unreasonable, unfair, and untrue reaction on Facebook are the worst part of the issue. It is wished that the capacity for using Facebook was built and then this product entered the society so that we could avoid inaccurate and bitter reaction.
If we ponder over our present attitude, we will come to know how in a hurry we are. As soon as we receive a true or false issue, we react in an extreme and surprising haste. Our sudden judgement is increased more than ever before no matter if the issue is true or false. We simply jump in writing something in social media with hearing an issue. We never think if the issue is based on fact or not. We can’t help ourselves responding to an event and seek to appreciate or condemn it immediately just for not missing the train of Facebook users.
This type of attitude is highly unfair and unreasonable. Just think of the tragic death of Farkhunda – a woman who was lynched by angry mob in Kabul – as a number of Facebook users jumped into writing sudden statements on Facebook and chanted the slogan of long live Islam and Allah-o-Akbar without knowing the accuracy of the issue. They cursed infidels and condemned her. After the revelation of the fact, the same people changed their views and expressed their sympathy. A number of those who pelted her with stone and cursed her, went to her grave to mourn. So, this haste made waste. The second reaction filled the cyberspace of Facebook was “the news about Dostum and Eshchi” as all condemned Dostum. After a while, the same people sided with him. There are tens and even hundreds of such issues as we show quick reaction and then we are ashamed after the revelation of fact. This type of attitude is going on relentlessly in social media these days. Just as soon as a hot issue is received by Facebook users, everyone will be changed into tribune to repeat it loudly.
Vigilance and cleverness are strong need for a society. That is to say, we are responsible to be sensitive towards our destiny. However, this does not necessarily mean to hurl abuse at someone, show sudden reaction without knowing the truth, and put a cursory look at an issue. This kind of action is tantamount to the issue that we happen to see a group of people chanting the slogan of “long live” or “death to”, we join them without knowing the issue and chant positive or negative slogan in louder voice. Is it fair? First we need to be aware of the fact, then chant slogan. In addition to social, economic, political and cultural changes, we have a serious problem in thinking. We are highly distant from the art of thinking and act emotionally. Although we live in a world that logic and reason are highly significant, we act emotionally and unwisely, which will lead us to a quagmire.
Our emotional and unwise reaction will lead to great harm that include confusing the public and distorting the fact. Sometimes our unreasonable reaction will pose a threat to social order and boost the morale of the enemy. This will further add insult to collective wound and lead to nationwide despair. Similarly, we will imperil social interests and public welfare and cause disorder. Besides social responsibility, our human and moral responsibility necessitates it not to talk baselessly or without knowledge.

Mohammad Baqirian is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at the outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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