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That Is Ridiculous


That Is Ridiculous

A week ago, in a seminar held at the center of Mahr Media Center in Kabul city, statements of some of the Afghan analysts amazed me that how unintentionally we - Afghans - lead our country into consistent chaos and instability. From those statements, it can be claimed with certitude that still our so-called intellectual layer has not come to any clear understanding that which evil forces actually have been acting during history that yet we and our international allies, though wrangling with, but has been unable to get rid of them.

Because of those very mistakes made actually for protecting what sincerely were called as pure Afghan culture and Islamic values but indeed were all used to meet insatiable power greed of this and that, who never had or, perhaps had sympathy for Afghan values but consistently fell prey to global and regional antagonism.

During past decades, some sincerely tried to make Afghanistan a "safe and secure heaven" for Afghans; what finally materialized was a "safe and secure haven for global terrorism". Instead, Afghanistan turned to be the worst place for living.

Anyhow, in that seminar, they were indeed really worried— I hope not——and pretending to be worried——I hope—that any kind of civil and military cooperation pact between Washington and Kabul had the potential of prolonging instability; and, moreover, increase its depth and intensity. Their core concern was neighboring countries that establishment of military bases based on finalization of Strategic Partnership Cooperation Pact would not be tolerated and they would try to fuel instability here.

I do understand——if they were sincere with the findings—what they were talking about. And I also do feel sympathy with all those who shed tears for miserable situation we are in - routine torture, fear, violence and murders.

But sentiments, communal and personal judgment shouldn't blur general wisdom as well as what are in our national interests, particularly, economic and political ones.
Our neighbors are inconvenient about the presence of international community and continuance of the United States at any form.

Frequently, they have put their concerns and anxiety about any possible contract with Kabul officials. And in response, it has been emphasized that presence of US wouldn't be a threat to any of our neighbors, and Afghanistan, as an independent and sovereign nation, would not tolerate and allow any country to use its soil as free space for threatening or attacking any country.

That is the only thing that Afghan officials can do for now. However, some of our neighbors publicly took a stance that Afghanistan can build alliance with any country at will, but secretly arguing with Afghan officials to avoid cooperation with countries that they deem as threat for themselves.

Seemingly, our experts are worried about the same notion that neighbors would be irritated with Afghan government and will try to avenge through instigating circles within the country. Perhaps, huge part of people in Pakistan, and there are people out there in India too who are mad on US, saying that before 2001, there was not terrorist attacks in record as it is now.

After involvement of US in Afghanistan, terrorist attacks have intensified in Pakistan. In Pakistan, terrorist attacks have been increasing and the prospective is not convenient too. If the current situation continues and the bilateral relationship between Islamabad and Washington keeps progressing, it should prepare itself for more suicide bombings and terrorist attacks.

In addition, in past few years, terrorist and insurgents concentrated their attacks directly on Pakistani security forces to avenge cooperating with the US. Such a situation has already cost Pakistan too much and its continuance is further troublesome. Now, there is growing hatred of US in the country, and Islamabad officials fear that its alliance with US would turn it largely to Pakistani government.

Thus, our neighbors, not only Pakistan, think that US presence in Afghanistan would spark angers within their countries. That is an omen, therefore, to prevent instability, they are praying that US should end its mission and leave Afghanistan as soon as possible. It makes afraid our analysts. They assume that to avenge US or, perhaps force it to leave Afghanistan, our neighbors will try to destabilize Afghanistan.

Here something is needed to be clarified. During decades, however, there were annoyance and irritation, but generally our national politics was formed truly with consideration of neighbors. During decades of instability, some of our neighbors kindly were involved in shaping the policies within the Afghanistan according to their own national interests without caring much about their destructive consequences.
There are two things: first, they have accepted Afghanistan as independent country and second, they have not.

In the first case, it should be noticed that they should accept that we need US here to deal with problems embedded deeply in the social and political system of the society. Afghanistan is currently like a limping patient that needs to be cared for regularly and constantly.

Should we tell US to leave it at this condition and it die? Is it to let our country into the hand of gentleness of time and think about the problem of our neighbors? I think we have made enough sacrifices, and it is our neighbors turn to just realize our right as an independent nation.

That is all we want. Sure the presence of US maybe troublesome for our neighbors, but its presence is insurance for security and political stability here, the thing which have dealt terrible miseries to us. Wherever in the world, there is crisis, neighbors are affected.

What they can do is to restrict the scope of such effects, along with efforts to end the crisis itself. But ostensibly, what our neighbors want is leaving the crisis passes its own course in order to keep themselves away from its fallout. That is ridiculous.

Jawad Rahmani is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at jawad_rahmani2001@yahoo.com

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