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The Weak Points of Afghanistan’s Higher Education


The Weak Points of Afghanistan’s Higher Education

In the world where all proceed toward progress and development, one cannot underestimate the role of educational institutions since level of higher education and dynamic system of education and training are the cornerstone of development around the globe. Throughout the history, education has been the backbone of human societies and the role of education extends with each passing day. Currently, educating the public is known as an element of sustainable development. All countries allocate the bulk of their income to educational development. In fact, education is a fundamental base of human societies. As a result, all negative factors and roots which weaken this base should be figured out and eliminated.
Teaching is one of the elements that will be highly effective in educational system. That is to say, teaching plays an effective role in the efficiency of educational system. One can claim with full confidence that in Afghanistan, this factor puts an adverse effect on educational institutions. In addition to traditional teaching materials, especially in some government universities, no appropriate teaching method is applied. It comes as applying various teaching methods and considering the needs of students, teaching-learning process will encourage students to learn better. In charge of educational institutions should seek to utilize the most updated educational sources and text books besides appropriate educational facilities. On the other hand, students also ought to pursue active learning. In brief, they are not only supposed to learn theories, but also go deeper to the issues and apply their information in educational institutions.
The next effective factor, a negative one, for teaching manpower is exhaustion, which is called educational exhaustion and will disrupt learning. Exhaustion is the state of mental boredom and an unnecessary excitation that will lead to students’ disinterest. If this trend continues, it will result in inefficiency of educational system. There are many factors, including hope for employment and learning, which influence educational exhaustion. The psychological aspect of mankind will play a pivotal role in one’s development. In a society, the more educational programs and objectives uphold the value and significance of students, the less educational exhaustion will emerge. It should be noted that some educational centers do not only not struggle for the enrichment of students but also repress their hope and motivation that will generate educational exhaustion. The main reasons behind decreasing students’ motivation are corruption in educational system and in employment, limitation in educational departments, and unemployment. These issues will shatter students’ hope and lead to educational exhaustion.
The third factor that puts an adverse effect on educational system is educational negligence, which is debated hotly by researchers and called a bad habit. Ill-fatedly, this issue exists on a large scale in the society. Educational negligence means unnecessarily delaying tasks without a proper reason till it generates depression and excitation for you. Lack of clear objectives and long-term programs by students are significant reasons behind educational negligence as well as exhaustion. In such a case, the role of internet is undeniable. In other words, the role of internet is very crucial in the context of cultural, social, educational, and economic development. Development without internet seems next to impossible in modern world and its especial quality multiplies the users’ interest. Students at different level of age need to use internet. But if this technology is not used systematically or based on a purpose, it will necessarily lead to educational negligence. In our society, the extension of social media wastes a great amount of the time of users, mainly university students. Ultimately, this leads to kind of addiction and results in educational negligence.
The last but not the least which is effective in training manpower in a society is appropriate feeding. Due to unmitigated poverty and unemployment, it is paid less attention in our society. Appropriate feeding is very important in many developed countries since lack of feeding will decrease the level of students’ learning. The wrong menu prevailing in our country will create physical and mental illness for students. It will put an adverse effect on the process of their learning.
At a macro level, an efficient educational structure with strategic programs is necessary. Since the main responsibility of an educational system is flourishing the talent of individuals and offering useful manpower to the society, lack of a strategic and long-term program will be a blow to the society. Unfortunately, our educational system is weak and corrupt. This issue is noticed in schools and private and governmental universities. Within past years, no significant changes have been taken in this respect. Hence, the government will have to reform the educational system and create a strategic program to meet the society’s need. In this case, human resources will grow stronger. The more fundamental reform takes place for resolving students’ issues, the more swiftly a society will develop.

Mustafa Ahmadi is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at the outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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