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Equality and Justice are What Women Must Own


Equality and Justice are  What Women Must Own

Feminism or the feminist ideology is quite limited in Asian countries, particularly in Afghanistan. Similar to other ideologies, "isms" have created and left a deep impact on the lives of the people and society in general, specifically, in and until the end of the 20th century. Here I would like to mention an ideology or an ism is very limited, because it is primary tool used by the intellectuals to explain, rationalize, as it was the un-humble and complicated nature of reality.

Perhaps, this is not to say that the thoughts and feelings expressed through an ideology are irrelevant. This criticism is perhaps intended so as to enlarge the expense of a gender perspective beyond the limitations inherent in an ideology, to one that engages actively with reality as a whole and the flux of time. Today, more than ever before, there is a dire need for all those who consider themselves feminists or those who are sympathetic to feminist thought to ponder, consider critically, and continuously express a new gender perspective relevant to current times.

Perhaps, it may lead you to a question that you may ask is, the significance of March 8 (International Women's Day) celebrated in all western countries but rarely in Asian countries, in the lives of the people throughout the world's, women and men, girls and boys. Only a symbol I would say, of a stirring that moves deep and deeper. A stirring to which distance is nothing and actualization is everything.

In fact, March 8 is also a great opportunity for women to remind themselves and everyone else in the world that they still have a long way to go in achieving a better life for women and girls all over the world. In addition, there is no doubt on achieving their rights. Equality is on its utmost stages for reminding others to give women's rights and treat them equally.

At another level and from my point of view, the purpose and indeed the intent of March 8 was amply fulfilled. When millions of people in various parts of the world such as US, Europe, Asia, Africa and others regardless of their sex or age, spoke in one voice, and that was no more violence against women we want Equal, Justice, and peace in particular.

If the attempt of all these ordinary people, towards peace prevails, this time round again and again I hope if essential, all right feeling and right activist women everywhere will very likely be heartened. Up to this point, I am confident enough whatsoever that millions of women would favor my ideas, "Ideology and isms be damned". Yes to equality, justice and peace not to humiliation, injustice, inequality and discrimination. Because these are what you all have been saying, feeling, thinking, meaning, wishing and wanting all the times.

But wait a minute. Ideology apart, reality, and life aren't that simple, are they? Quite obviously, it is not just a possible U.S-led war against Taliban, Al-Qaeda and likeminded groups in Afghanistan that peace-inclined people are protesting. Because Afghan populace lost their sole rights in different political, cultural and traditional practices. They have given the worst devotion ever before on the ground. I am quite sure that you are also well-cognizant of the fact that war has other faces and other guises too are the reality we must not ignore. As we have witnessed in Afghanistan during the Taliban regime, war used communal hatred to rape and torture women, burn children and men alive is the grim reality of war. In US on 9/11 and in Afghanistan 9/11, war spawned organized crime.

In Afghanistan three decades of war and terror fed on the divisiveness of ill feeling. And on a smaller scale, though not the slightest bit less horrendous or violent war wore the guise of men amok. Such gang raped poor women each day around the country but there comes no justice; there comes no human rights to at least stand against injustice where the helpless women's voices to be heard. But when it comes to gangs, there would be always justices and human rights protecting them for further humiliation and discrimination. We have seen women have burned themselves of injustice and cruelty of her husband; we still keep quiet and say nothing as it is a stigma and against our tradition.

It happens every day not only in Afghanistan but across the world too. The question that comes to mind is; in the instances of grim reality. The brutal rape of young girls in Afghanistan increased rubble of brick, stone and the body parts of the dead. Victims are everywhere around us but no quick action has been taken. Or is it the privilege and the misfortune of the peace-inclined people to see the connections between everyday brutality and war on a sophisticated and larger scale?

So, what do women really want, you might ask once again at this point. To this point, I can say in one single sentence. Peace in everyday life, moment to moment. Not merely the absence of war, but active peace, dynamic, full of creative conflict, new challenges and genuine concern. A suspension of the overrunning of psychological understanding of what constitutes the mutual societal benefits.

The political will and the inclination to implement actions that aid the removal of poverty among women. Although, an immediate stop to the recruitment of children as a soldiers fighting on the front line of the war or potential terrorist. Dignity and respect for women and children, our future, so they can witness adults engaged in acts that diffuse aggression in the world to the most ordinary being on the street.

Abdul Samad Haidari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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