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We Must Prioritize Awareness


We Must Prioritize Awareness

It can be observed in our society that the people who are thoughtful and wise, they are being neglected. In fact, the seems to be more inclined towards people and personalities that have wealth and authority. Same has been the reaction to being inquisitive. It seems as if contemplation and inquisitiveness are considered against the social setup. However, there have always been few people who have never understood this view or they have intentionally ignored it. They are the same who have a fire of restlessness and curiosity in their hearts, which keeps on burning and compelling such people to show the same to the world.
Those who have blind beliefs are actually deprived of the awareness of the life. They are the ones who themselves have locked their minds and do not know that their minds are locked and the keys are with themselves. Nothing is able to change such people as they are not open to any view or any discussion. Even education cannot change such people. If such people even go to educational institutions, there is no chance that they would improve as they take with themselves their dogmatic beliefs. They have already decided everything for themselves and made final decisions. For them, it would be better even not to go the institutions, as they have already filled their minds and there is no empty space to learn new ideas or concepts. Education must support in understanding new things and when there is not such a chance, there is no need of education as well.
It is also important to note that the type of education the educational institutions are disseminating in our society is also debatable. The educational institutions have become the factories, where robots are generated who, themselves, cannot think anything, but act as per the commands that are fed into them. There is no room for doubt and questions in our educational institutes. Those who commit the crime of asking too many questions are punished in the severest manner. Such institutions can only produce students who get education to negate education, and unfortunately such people are the most suitable for our society and most educated for our so-called education scholars. However, they are those puppets who play in the act based on education but themselves do not know the purpose of their act.
This is really weird that our youth is being kept away from better and thought-generating education system. The endeavors are being made to keep the young and capable minds away from the food that can nourish them and make them discover the world, universe and their mysteries. True education can even reduce hatred in the hearts of the youngsters and teach them the lessons of love and brotherhood for the fellow beings. In fact, there are certain people who strive to keep such education away from youngsters because they know that it would generate so many views and perspectives which can even unveil the realities that they want to keep hidden.
We should teach our youngster not to emphasize on a single perspective and try to learn how to live with different ideas and thoughts. They need to know that others can differ from what they think and what they feel and they need to realize that others can be right as well. They even need to go deeper and assume that there are many ideas that have not been thought yet and with open minds they can have the opportunity to discover such thoughts. They also require to understand that whatever has already been thought for them can be wrong; this way they can come to know about the mistakes in the history and know the real truth.
Unfortunately, in our society the blind beliefs and careless claims have been given free hand. However, it has to be comprehended that the moment a person lets blind belief enter his mind, the next moment the possibilities of having better understanding and gaining knowledge run away from him. And, this phenomenon is totally against the requisites of education.
Our youth have to be emancipated from following the forced beliefs. They have to be given the freedom of free thinking. Only those youngsters have the right of getting education who understand that they can doubt and challenge what is already known and who want to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong through their own minds. The educational institutions must first of all develop an attitude of learning, which requires a questioning nature. They should not be the places where the students are spoon fed. It has to be understood that if the educational institutions are able to generate an attitude of learning the rest will follow itself. Then the teachers do not have to force or punish the students to learn; they will learn themselves as they would be thirsty to do so.

Dilawar Sherzai is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at Outlookafghanistan@gmail.com 

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