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Learning from China the Art of living in Harmony with Nature


Learning from China the Art of  living in Harmony with Nature

The charm and attraction oozing from Chinese rich cultural heritage and tourist destinations will fill one with a strong sense of excitement. You will be immersed in the pleasure of nature when the gentle breeze caresses you hair and mild music plays with your ears at a moonlit night in the hometown of panda, Sichuan province. The hearty smile of the Chinese will add to your pleasure.
Finding yourself in the pure bosom of nature in Sichuan province will fill you with an outpouring of delight. Cruising river in Jintang County will be a sweet memory in my life. It was an amazing night when Chinese folk music was accompanying me and my journalist friends in the heart of the Pi River. The stars were twinkling, water was spraying from fountains, and tourists were cruising with big smile on their lips.
The diversity of delicious food in Sichuan province is an important element of Chinese culture. You will wolf down nutritious sea food, meat and vegetable due to their unique taste. Do not forget the dessert, herbal tea and fruit. 
The tall infrastructures and skyscrapers kiss sky in Sichuan province. Their modern and unique architecture has beautified the city to a great extent. However, the villas surrounding Pi River as well as on hillsides in Jintang County amaze all tourists. People enjoy the peace and quiet of rural life.
All Chinese, whether living in skyscrapers or in villas, have the hearts of gold and welcome tourists from across the world with open arm.They treat tourists with great respect and hearty smile. If you visit Sichuan province, you will feel it like your home. It is really hard to put the real characteristics of this province into words. Your jaw will drop with the charm and attraction of nature and tourist destinations, the allure of traditional and modern architecture, the nice treatment of people, the tasty local food and fruit, etc.
Chinese officials constantly urge on living in harmony with nature. They believe that humans are able to live a harmonious and peaceful life with nature through protecting the climate, saving water from dirt, promoting forestation and greenery, producing harmless hydro power for facilities, etc. Therefore, Chinese government supports all the aforementioned issues seriously and have built the structure in a way that citizens tend not to pollute the environment.
One of the main reasons behind rural development in China is that the government has not overlooked developing rural economy. In other words, Chinese government seeks to bridge the gap between rural and urban life. Therefore, the poverty alleviation project, which is supposed to be completed till 2020, covers every nook and cranny of China and all citizens will be lifted out of poverty in one way or another. It seems that provincial governors compete in developing the provinces they are responsible for. Officials are highly committed in promoting the life of citizens – be it in rural or urban areas.
Chinese government is strongly contributing to Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) which will be highly fruitful for China in particular and for the rest of the world in general. Through BRI, cities and countries will be connected via “one road” to bridge the gap between the life of rural and urban residents. It will also connect Asia and Europe to facilitate trade and import-export for all countries. China has invested tremendously in this regard in many of its provinces including Sichuan province.
All developing and underdeveloped countries, mainly Afghanistan, need to learn from China the art of living in harmony with nature. Afghanistan is in need of a strong support from the government to preserve the nature and keep the climate clean. First and foremost, the garbage system should be promoted for having a clean atmosphere especially in crowded cities. Paying heed to even basic facilities will be a great contribution to a clean climate. For example, if washing rooms are built with small distances in cities and garbage cans are installed, citizens will not tend to pollute the weather. This is the first step for underdeveloped countries to take. Second, the government has to promote forestation and plant trees to prevent from pollution.
Moreover, Afghan government has to pay attention to cultural heritage and historical monuments to attract tourists and promote the country’s economy, this is what China is practicing. Tourists does not necessarily mean to come from foreign countries. The annual domestic tourists will be also of great importance.
Both Afghanistan and China has 5000 years history and rich cultural heritage. China also started from zero after suffering war. Thanks to four decades of reform and opening up which changed China from one of the poorest countries to the second world’s economy. Hence, China is a perfect example for Afghanistan to learn from so that Afghan people also be able to live in harmony with nature.

Hujjatullah Zia is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at zia_hujjat@yahoo.com

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