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Selection Criteria and National Responsibility in Elections


Selection Criteria and National Responsibility in Elections

Generally, everyone may agree on some common criteria such as honesty, loyalty to the people and country, expertise, ability, braveness and aware of social and political pain but very few people know how they are deceived by alluring promises and advertisements. Very few realize that if we select a wrong medical doctor he might kill only one person but if they select a wrong social doctor he would kill the whole society. Very few are aware a corrupt man would corrupt the whole nation but a righteous man will make a righteous nation. So, due to illiteracy reason, it is not hard in Afghanistan to propel people vote on the basis of deceiving promises, money, language and racial differences.
In the other word, most people do not know why do we need to choose a representative, what are the main criteria to be considered, how can they check the candidates’ background and make sure they have chosen a right person and what are the right expectations they might have from their representative in Parliament?  Without considering these questions, choosing representatives have no benefit to us and our society, but also great losses. A large part of our social anomalies and our current personal losses are rooted to this issue.
Unfortunately, we have never gone to the ballot box with well-consideration of these sensible views, but with the attitudes and interests of our ethnic, linguistic, and regional tendencies. We even voted for emotional tendencies seeing faces of someone, without knowing the destructive consequences of it. A large part of the social problems and individual losses of all of us is due to the fact that we select those leaders who inflicted irreversible harm to our nation. We sent the representative who either spent their time out of the country or enjoyed filling their own packets and never thought about fate of this nation.
Today, when our country is engulfed with various social and economic crises, to a large extent we are responsible; We voted for ethnic belongings, they operated with ethnic affiliations. We voted for regional affiliations, they acted with regional affiliations. We voted with linguistic affiliations and they acted with linguistic affiliations. This is how we went down in the midst of social anomalies. That is why, neither we could reach to the national unity and nor to the peace and prosperity. We are also responsible in front of our conscious and All! As a Muslim nation, If Allah ask, why did you vote a person who caused a lot of crises in the country what would be our response? Unfortunately, we do not have acceptable answer. If Allah ask, why you did not make enough research about his background, we would not be able to have right justification.
Overall, parliament is the place of decision-making and political monitoring for Afghanistan. So, the first important criteria are social and political understanding about Afghanistan. no one can do this for better, unless it is armed with and faith, legal and political knowledge. Parliament is neither a hospital and nor civil engineering center to send medical doctor or engineer to do some technical jobs.
The second criterion is patriotism, unfortunately, the current situation and the economic dependencies of our country are such that some patriotic people are victims of their own economic and personal interests. Members of the parliament, as representatives of the people, should be patriotic and have a popular tendency to bring people and the interests of the people at the top of their decisions. Those who do not have sense of co-operation with people and people-centered ethics cannot be useful, the voting of such people is useless. Those who have their family out of Afghanistan cannot work for this country because they cannot feel the bitter of poverty and affliction and thus, they do not have a common fate with those who live in Afghanistan.
The third Nationalism and lack of bias, the great misfortune of Afghanistan today is that our curators and politicians are committed to personal, ethnical, linguistic and regional interest, rather than national interests. If we want to open the path to nationalization, national unity, peace and social openness, we must vote for those who are nationalist and well-expert. According to Islamic teaching it is not permissible to build our relationship or make our decision on the basis of tribe, language and racial differences.
The fourth criteria for electing candidates is to have a coherent and applicable program for solving city and community problems. In order to achieve this goal, the candidates should be able to analyses the root cause of problems. Otherwise, it’s as if the doctor did not recognize the disease properly, so prescribing her medications would not be effective and may even aggravate the illness. Therefore, the tasks of the candidates are rooted in proficient identification of the problems. the programs that are provided without scientific support and non-professional work, or programs that only aim to collect votes and to deceive public opinion, are ineffective and will not cure the pain of people.
We should also be aware that people are influenced by emotion and seductive advertisements which does not have any logical justifications. We must know that the result of such an action, in addition to the cultivation of emotional culture and social unrest is that, it leads to continuing problems of non-development, social, economic, cultural and political problems. Voting someone on the basis of friendship, family, brigade and temperament, moral character, provincial, hostility and grudge, gender, money and capital ... are examples of emotional choices and will have emotional consequences.
In contrast to the emotional choices, there is a rational choice. Selection based on the criterion and index of reason and logic, scientific planning, commitment and expertise are examples of rational choices. Such a choice will lead to the accurate identification of problems and scientific and specialized planning for solving those problems, and the development of the city and province and, as a result, our country.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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