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China, Afghanistan and Pakistan Tripartite Anti-Terrorism Cooperation Ushered a New era


China, Afghanistan and Pakistan Tripartite  Anti-Terrorism Cooperation Ushered a New era

On the afternoon of October 12, local time in Dushanbe, Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah met with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. Abdullah said: China has always been a good friend of the Afghan people. Afghanistan is willing to actively deepen cooperation with China in the field of anti-terrorism, actively promote trilateral cooperation between China and Pakistan, and promote regional peace and stability. The two sides have reached an important consensus on the issue of anti-terrorism cooperation. The day after the meeting, dozens of people were killed or injured in an explosion at an election rally in the northern province of Takhar. There have been similar attacks as the National Assembly elections approach. The Taliban issued a statement a few days ago, threatening to launch attacks against specific targets during the election period. The Afghan security services have recently had to strengthen security measures throughout the country in order to guarantee the successful conduct of the elections. According to the latest report released on the official website of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan on the 10th, from January to September this year, various armed conflicts and other violent incidents in Afghanistan have caused the deaths and injuries of 8050 civilians, including women and children. In the face of the grim domestic anti-terrorism situation, the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan, while strengthening the domestic anti-terrorism forces to actively combat, should also strive to seek international cooperation in the field of anti-terrorism.
As an important neighboring country of the two countries, China is also deeply endangered by terrorism. The cooperation between China, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the field of anti-terrorism has a profound historical and practical basis. China and Afghanistan have always maintained close cooperation in cracking down on the ETIM, border drug trafficking and training of anti-terrorism personnel, and China has always actively participated in various mechanisms related to the Afghan issue and actively supported the reconstruction of Afghanistan. China and Pakistan have set up a bilateral anti-terrorism consultation mechanism since the September 11 incident, and have held anti-terrorism drills many times to crack down on the “Three forces” and drug trafficking in the border areas through a series of coordinated actions. Afghanistan and Pakistan, on the other hand, have major interests in common in cracking down on terrorist forces along the border with Pakistan. In recent years, the two countries have maintained close interaction at the high-level on the issue of anti-terrorism. The two sides have carried out many joint operations against terrorist forces in the border areas, especially the Taliban, and have achieved remarkable results. At the trilateral level, China, Afghanistan and Pakistan have established a mechanism for dialogue and cooperation on counter-terrorism issues, and Pakistan has become a full member of the SCO this year, and Afghanistan is also an observer state of the SCO. As an influential multilateral security cooperation platform in Central Asia and South Asia, the SCO will also play an increasingly important role in the trilateral fight against terrorism. It can be said that the cooperation between China, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the field of anti-terrorism has gradually entered a new stage of stability and institutionalization.
The anti-terrorism cooperation between China, Afghanistan and Pakistan is also of great positive significance to the maintenance of the domestic stability of the relevant parties and the regional security situation. On the Chinese side, there are close contacts and exchanges between the “East Turkistan” terrorist forces in China and the Taliban, Al-Qaida, and other terrorist organizations in Abba. Strengthening the anti-terrorism cooperation with Afghanistan and Pakistan have great practical significance to the prevention and control of terrorism in China. At the side of the Afghanistan and Pakistan, the terrorist forces in the two countries are intertwined; the economic development is relatively slow affected by the security situation. China, as an important neighbor of the two countries and a big country in the world, in the field of anti-terrorism, Afghanistan and Pakistan do not have the advantages of strength, strengthening cooperation with China can provide strong support for the fight against terrorism between the two countries. At the same time, as the main region of terrorism in South Asia, the anti-terrorism cooperation between China, Afghanistan and Pakistan also has a very positive significance for the maintenance of stability in South Asia and even the prevention and control of terrorism in other parts of the world.

Yunsong Zhou, Like Zhu, Scholar, Institute of international relations, Yunnan University; Scholar of Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences

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