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Political Participation of Afghan Women Will Promote Social Development


Political Participation of Afghan Women  Will Promote Social Development

Afghan parliamentary elections took place in October 20th despite numerous security threats, but this does not affect voter participation in Afghan voters, with higher percentage of female voters in individual regions; this figure is particularly evident in northern Afghanistan.
17 districts among all of 19 districts in Herat opened polling stations. Herat city is second only after Kabul elections population concentration. In Herat city, more than 320,000 people voted, of whom approximately 40% were women. Women’s participation in parliamentary elections as candidates and voters is a historic victory for Afghanistan’s Afghan National Assembly and a great beginning for Afghan women. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said: “hopefully they will remain enthusiastic about taking part in presidential elections.” Great Afghan women! thank you! By voting they sent messages to the world that they did not want violence to occur and their political participation demonstrated their resolve through their political participation. Undaunted, they proved to Taliban organizations that this great nation would not succumb to anyone. “ Women in Herat were widely involved in elections from early morning to late night. They queued up in order to vote without complaint at polling stations. Their performance at polling stations responded strongly to Afghanistan’s enemies.
Marxist view of women thinks that measuring human liberation natural scale is the degree of liberation of women. Since Taliban extremist organizations ruled Afghanistan, Afghan women became vulnerable groups in society because of historical cultural traditions, mode of production constraints and Taliban ideology, which were attached to men and subordinate themselves to men. Chronic oppression, no personal freedom, social status low, social participation is very low. This is particularly prominent in women’s employment education and medical treatment.
Women under war-torn and Taliban gender discrimination policies do not see a glimmer of hope for advancement and emancipation. In today’s new era women can vote exercise their right to vote actively participate in the political system functioning process. This has already been a significant social progress and has improved Afghan women’s social status, indicating that democratization and secularization are accelerating progress in their country. History has proved countless times that a relatively egalitarian society is a stable peaceful harmonious society while Afghanistan is in the heart region of Asia where geographical location is superior and unique mineral resources are rich but developing relatively low. Afghanistan is a good neighbor and good partner for Pakistan and China. Afghanistan should seize opportunities between China and Pakistan Economic Corridor and Belt and Road, actively integrate into the friends circle between China and Pakistan, and share development benefits and deepen cooperation in economic and trade, electricity generation, mining and agricultural products, so as to lay solid foundation for Afghanistan’s prosperous development. Afghanistan should also attach importance to trilateral counter-terrorism cooperation between China, Pakistan and Afghanistan, promote domestic political reconciliation process and promote peace and stability in Afghanistan. Bringing women into elections and enhance women’s social status will surely bring Afghanistan to a more stable and prosperous tomorrow.

Li Shuyu, Zhu Like & Li Xin, Scholar of YunNan University

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