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Afghan Government Should Protect Relative Calm Zones In The Country


Afghan Government Should Protect Relative Calm Zones In The Country

The recent attacks by Taliban on Jaghori and Malistan districts in Ghazni province and the attacks on Hazara population in Urogan province are cases in point to prove shameful failure of government to provide protection and security to it subjects across the country – especially in areas of relative calm in the ongoing war on terror in the country. Dwellers of Jaghori and Malistan districts in Ghazni province are mainly Hazara population. It seems Taliban insurgents have changed course in their military tactics and have cleverly charted strategy to militarily target areas of high social and political impacts. The aim of Taliban insurgency is to hit all Afghan government administrative units and provinces which are relatively calm in the country in order to create chaos and disturbances across social, political, economic and military specters. Hazaras are peaceful, hardworking and honest supporters of the present political system in Afghanistan. They have supported Afghanistan government at all levels and Hazara men and women are front runners in areas of education, economic activities (most business entrepreneurs are young Hazara men and women). Provinces such as Bamyan, Daikundi, parts of Ghazni, Urozgan, Parwan including provinces in the North, and main neighborhood in Kabul city where Hazaras dwell are peaceful and calm. Afghans associated with other ethnic and tribal groups are comfortable in dealing with our Hazara countrymen. In fact, brave Hazara men and women represented Afghanistan in major international events, including sports and businesses, and have achieved remarkable success, brought medals and honor to the country. It is the responsibility of Afghan Government to provide security, safety and support to our Hazara countrymen and women.
It is understandable that Afghan government is flexing muscles with an invisible enemy in the shape of entrenched insurgency, which is supported by intelligence services of neighboring countries who have vested interests and malicious designs for our country, but this cannot be ground for excuses for the government to fall short to provide security and safety for the citizens – especially those who do not allow hostile elements to operate against government among them. Afghan government should plan for complete protection and provide overall security for minorities and places where people have kept relative peace and calm in their districts, provinces and regions. Hazaras come first in this category. In addition, government should bring in projects of high impact economic development and flourish tourism industry in central Afghanistan. There are chances these pockets of ‘green zones’ with economic activities across geographic landmass of Afghanistan can be a beacon of hope and encouragement to people living in other provinces in the to take steps and copy the model to their own districts, provinces and villages. Government should separate war matters from economic development issues. As much as government put efforts, resources and time in war efforts to counter the insurgency, equal efforts, resources and time are required to develop economic activities, bring in employment opportunities for its subjects. By doing this, insurgents will find all doors shut  on their faces for recruitment of fighters from among populations where government has intervened and supported people. We have countries which have been in the same situation as Afghanistan is now, including Sri Lanka, Colombia and India. These countries successfully managed to provide safe zones for citizens to conduct normal daily lives including business and investment opportunities, education and employment opportunities etc. Countries such as Colombia and Sri Lanka have come over these issues and they are now united, under their own political and economic systems. War had grinded these nations for fifty and forty years respectively.
Demonstrations staged since last three days in Kabul exhibit high political and rights awareness level of Hazaras. Government of Afghanistan should listen to and accept all the demands they have concerning security, economic development and implementation of projects of national importance. In fact, people from other provinces should learn from Hazaras to stand out and pressure government to address and move on critical matters that affect their lives. Afghans – including all clans, tribes and ethnic groups – have been living together since centuries. People should nib at the bud all attempt to separate people and create chaos, anarchy and depravity in the country.

Mohammed Gul Sahibbzada is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammed.g.sahibbzada@gmail.com

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