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Taliban: the Main Factor of Stalemate in Afghan Peace Process


Taliban: the Main Factor of Stalemate in Afghan Peace Process

Few days ago, in Abu Dhabi peace talks, the Taliban group refused to attend the negotiation table with representatives of the Afghan government. When the Security Council adviser returned from Dubai, he took a tougher stance against Taliban and its international supporters. However, the Taliban’s stance against Afghan government is not new. They repeated emphasized that the Afghan government is the foreigners’ puppet, and they always stressed that the Afghanistan’s war will not come to an end unless the international Afghan partners leave the country and then a government similar to the Islamic Emirate of the Taliban would be established with a new constitution. In fact, they wish to abrogate the national constitution with all its new values and achievement attained.
In the eve of the Jeddah peace talks, once again they articulate not willing to attend in the peace negotiation table with the Afghan government. The fact is that the peace process, from the day it began until now, has not had any positive results and has not produced the least achievement to satisfy the expectation of Afghan people. It is one the bitterest and most failed experience that extremely disappointed the whole people. But the fundamental question raises who is the main factor of this failure? Who will be responsible for thousands of civilians may kill as a result of this failure? Both war and peace process have imposed heavy price on the people of Afghanistan, but none has a clear result or achievement yet. However, the high peace council under leadership of Khalili, has played good role in religious awareness of people, especially for those youths who were more likely to be lured by Taliban propagation. Thousands of top ranking Ulema gathered in Kabul and other Islamic countries and then issued their collective fatwa against Taliban war in Afghanistan. Nevertheless, no one has witnessed any positive result yet.
Unfortunately, it must be acknowledged that Taliban, who are supported by almost all the countries of the region today and even some of Afghanistan’s international partners, is a major factor in the failure of peace process.  This group has not shown any practical desire for peace which indicate neither they believe in the peace process and nor their supporters. They are used against innocent people of Afghanistan, and every day sacrifice civilians and defense forces. However, the policy makers our country is also responsible in regard to continuity of conflict in Afghanistan. There were a lot of political and economic opportunities to be used for the best interest of the country. Today, some of the youths are compelled to join the Taliban or other illegal groups due to unemployment and hunger issue while others have already chosen to leave the country for ever.
The Optimism and appeasement with the cruel enemy and terrorist group like the Taliban have damaged our people morality and have always caused people to lose their trust in national processes. While they officially declare that have no belief in the civil and legal values exist in the current constitution of Afghanistan. With this mentality, how they can come to the negotiation table and talk to their compatriot brothers representing the Afghan government and Afghan people? How it can be justified to negotiate with foreigners but not with your own brothers, with your own Ulema or elders. These show that they have no commitment to national and Islamic values. As a result, the failure to the peace process and the negative result of this game is largely caused by Taliban. From one hand, their lack of belief in peace and on the other hand the distrust of the people towards a national process has led to a kind of inner challenge.  Means, the Taliban have not only played a major role in destroying the economic infrastructure of socity, but also played a major role in eliminating public trust and national unity.
Therefore, it is very good to ask when the Taliban are not willing to negotiate, who we are going to make peace with. Their arrogant and selfish stance not only insults the people of Afghanistan, but also shows that the Taliban is the main factor of stalemate in the peace process. When the Taliban insists on waging war and killing people and do not want to negotiate with the Afghan government, then who will represent the people of Afghanistan with the Taliban and lead the peace talks.  And finally, how long should people wait for the result of our imploring policy? It has been repeatedly emphasized and also experienced in other countries that peace is achieved only through justice and national consensus with the presence and participation of all citizens at the ballot box.
No one in this country opposes to peace; it is the greatest desire of the people of Afghanistan and their basic need for peace but the people of Afghanistan are not willing to sacrifice all the achievements of past years and endure the peace that is created by the foreigners and the Taliban behind the closed doors in the capital of other countries. It is now clear that the only major factor in in Afghanistan’s crisis and the main driver for the failure of peace is the Taliban group. When the Taliban are the main driver of the war, the Afghan government must adopt the same policy that has been expressed extensively by the ministry of defense and interior ministry these days. The use of force is the only way to win the war against terrorism and extremism.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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