Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

The Cataclysm and Inferno


The Cataclysm and Inferno

There was incessant usage of doggerel in the social media about the confrontation and escalation of tensions between Pakistan and India a few days back. The rancour exhibited by the electronic media of both the rival countries added more saffron to the vituperation and invection. Today, the puerile language on both sides of the line of partition is a euphemism for avocation that has sidelined the mendicant and execrable condition of the downtrodden communities of both countries.
Soon after independence in August 1947, both of these nations haggled over the issue of Kashmir. The dispute of possible solution was portrayed as controversial issue due to acrimony and fallacy of strategic depth that resulted in the failure of both the countries to achieve the goals of creating egalitarian society. The net result of Kashmir dispute is petrifying and pestilential scenario that now haunts the people of both countries in the form of nuclear war.  Such type of future conflict arises some serious questions that need to be answered. First, who will pay the external debts and debt services that have trapped both of these states? Second, who will be victorious during nuclear belligerency? The reply to all these questions is that the real winners in such situation shall be International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and all other countries that can try each and every effort to make these two countries docile. Perhaps, the subcontinent will be recolonized again by someone else or become a ground for proxy wars for other nations. According to this writer, this is the time for the leaders of both countries to ponder over the future consequences of any gory and sanguine confrontation. Inspite of spending too much money and energy on war efforts and military capabilities, these two countries should fight against interest and usury based fractional reserve banking, poverty, unemployment, corruption, embezzlement, terrorism, drug trafficking, energy crisis, child sexual abuse and environmental issues. The prosperous future of both India and Pakistan lies in the early and peaceful solution of Kashmir dispute. The Horseshoe Falls that straddle the border between USA and Canada are not only touristic destinations but are also the economic income machines for the human race on both sides. The same can also be applied to the beautiful valley of Kashmir on both sides by making it a neutral touristic destination. It is hoped that the tomorrow of today will bring a new aurora of hope and blessings to the region.

The writer is the medical graduate of Xi’an Jiaotong University, P.R. China and currently serves as medical officer at DHQ Teaching Hospital, KDA, Kohat. Can be reached at drfaisalali88@gmail.com

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