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The Fly and the Sweet


The Fly and the Sweet

A fly always sits on a sweet thing. It can be better explained by a zoologist but I am sure it has a strong sense of smell as it soon finds out a hidden sweet thing and comes and sits on it. At times a sweet thing is hidden at a far corner of the room but I think its sweet smell reaches to it and thus it again finds and cherishes it.
Another important observation about flies is that when it finds a sweet thing at a certain place in a room and if you take all the flies out of the room and then you allow them to enter the room, they will again fly and directly reach to the place where they had enjoyed the sweet before. Although they don’t have ability to memorize the location of a place or recognize it with the help of the things present near it, yet they have been gifted with an ability to find the exact place where they had once got food and in more good words, the thing of their choice and liking.
Same is almost the case with humans. When you like someone or something, you absolutely forget the difficulties and try to get to it by turning every impossible into possible.
When a person gets love or attention or any other thing that attracts his heart and feelings, he becomes just like a fly and time and again he flies and comes to the place where it hopes of finding the love and attention.
You may not be having time for other activities of life but when your heart is attached with a place or thing, you would be definitely inventing time for it and then you will not be having any excuse of the shortage of time.
Similarly, the route of it may be out of your way but against all the odds, you would definitely make all the arrangements in a way that you would be passing through this way.
But for any such relation to exist there is need of a sweet thing as was the case with flies. When you get something from someone or somewhere that can cherish you, you would definitely be attracted to it like a fly is attracted to sweet.
Sheikh Saadi says that if a tree is bald and barren and has no fruit on it, even the boys don’t bother to throw stones to it. If you don’t have anything sweet to offer to the world, they would never come to you. If a tree is full of ripe fruit, it is not only very well taken care of but people from different corners come to it for getting something; fruit, shelter, grass or just the company of friends.
At times we see that old people go through all the difficulties to meet each other and have the company of each other. Although their health, general weakness and many other factors don’t easily let them to even think of travelling and going out to meet the friends but anyhow, they manage it and meet each other. Here, the company of a friend works as a sweet thing and they run to cherish it.
In the beginning, prisons were the places where ill-doers were brought just to be punished for their wrong act. Later on, it was decided that these people who had gone away from civilization, love of people and things like these should be brought back to the beauties of life so that they should not hate it and feel attracted to it. For this purpose, they were kept in places that were called Correctional places and not the jails or prisons. They were provided with all the beauties and attractions of life. Then the above formula of fly and sweet worked. These places with good atmosphere and human attention worked as something that attracted their love and attention. Later on, when they were released into the civilized society, they had developed a love to these things and thus they decided to keep away from evil thoughts and conduct and strive hard to seek those things that were of attraction to them in the prison.
Almost same formula is used by the companies that want to attract the customers. Spacious and  air-conditioned halls, attractive paintings and decoration and many other things were made keeping in view the consumer psychology that were all meant to attract the attention of customers. This made the customers feel attracted to these malls and stores and liked to visit them and of course they also did the shopping.
The same strategy is also used by modern organizations to keep the interests of employees alive in their work and to make them like and love their work and the workplace. For this purpose, awards and certificates like EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH or MOST SUCCESSFUL EMPLOYEE are given to the employees. Internet, refreshments, comfortable workplace environment and other facilities and incentives make the employees like their organization and remain loyal to it.
Usually the educational or professional seminars and workshops, especially the ones that continue for a number of days, are supposed and taken as boring. But once we had a seminar that was continued for three days but we never felt it to be long and boring. First, the activities and lectures were arranged in a way that participants were not the passive listeners but were given the chances to actively participate in the activities. With this, there were breaks after an hour or so and in every break, we enjoyed the variety of food and drinks. In one break, all the participants enjoyed the tea and biscuits, in the next break we were served with variety of delicious fruits while next break was memorable with sandwiches and coffee. In the same smooth manner, the sessions proceeded and no one felt them to be boring. Well-balanced activities and well-served refreshments made it the most memorable and productive workshop that the participants ever had.
A television advertisement is shown where a lot many children play a game and after getting tired and getting thirsty, they all gather in a house of one of the kids where they are served with cold and tasty juice. Then it is shown that children go to play outside just to enjoy the juice after the game ends.
Many people, who don’t get sufficient love and attention at home, go to different places and seek for love and attention which is not legal or morally permissible.
With every passing day, we hear more and more complaints about dissatisfaction of people from home, workplace, colleagues, and jobs and more dangerously from the life itself. Thus we need to be tactical and invent such things or take such measures where people should feel themselves attracted towards the above mentioned places or people. This act of us will fill up many dangerous gaps.

Muhammad Rasool Shah is the emerging writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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