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Factual Dose of Solution to the Intensified Insecurity Situation in Afghanistan


Factual Dose of Solution to the Intensified  Insecurity Situation in Afghanistan

Undoubtedly, the terrorist activities have intensified in different parts of the country, especially in Kabul where three deadly incidents happened within a month including attacks on Amrullah Saleh office, attacks on sixth district and the latest attack on Dubai wedding hall on Faiz Mohammad Kateb Road. Other example is Nangar province where nearly ten successive attacks occurred on the Independence Day which caused dozens of causalities in a single day. In Kabul, over 400 peple killed or wounded as a result of the three attacks. According to the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), in the first six months of 2019, 1666 civilians were killed and 2446 were injured but the civilian deaths has increased by 27% compared to the first quarter of the same year.
In spite of rising causalities in the country, no factual solutions are tabled by our writers and thinkers to overcome the growing issue. Instead of contributing to our government and security forces, we try to use our emotion and anger which negatively impact on our national solidarity. Therefore, this article is going to propose some specific solutions comprising political solution and security solution. In political solution it is enough to say that sustainable peace is not possible in Afghanistan unless essentially tackle the internal and external factors of war in the country.
In terms of none political solutions, there are multiple administrative and technical gapes which let the terrorist groups easily penetrate into community and security system in the country. The first gape is accessibility to unregistered SIM Cards and internet in the country. This issue is not only coordinating the terrorist activities but also the criminal activities; in some secure countries, no one can access internet system unless the system automatically verifies identity code of users for security reason. Unfortunately, here every types of criminal activity are possible because the professional criminal can easily erase its footstep due to lack of functional security system in the country.
The second gape is lack uncontrolled highways and byways into cities, especially Kabul city. There are several highways and about one hundred byways to Kabul city without any screening facilities. Given the large population of Kabul capital city, each hour thousands of small and large vehicles are entering and exiting while security check is not possible due to lack of screening facilities and well-trained dogs. As aforementioned, there are  around one hundred byways into Kabul city without any serious security surveillance.  Therefore, if each day only one terrorist comes through each byway, Kabul will host a hundred terrorist per day.
The third issue is availability of chemical fertilizer everywhere in the country. Most often terrorists used it for making sticky bombs and car bombs while its basic material is accessible everywhere in the country. As it has dual use, we need to distribute it accordance with specific requirements from certain address to certain registered farmers. Otherwise, the terrorists groups need not to trouble themselves carrying explosive from outside while it is legally accessible inside.
The fourth issue is the weakness and limitedness of national security directorate. Given the complexity and nature of Afghan war and security experiences of world countries, the National Security Directorate should be changed to Ministry of National Security or various layers of security group need to be created both horizontally and vertically. As everyone is confident about inability of the current national security directorate, we need to expand the national security directorate both qualitatively and quantitatively. Instead, the unimportant ministries or departments can be eliminated due to fiscal limitation.
The fifth issue is lack of Special Forces against suicide and terrorist attackers; sometimes the usual police go fighting against the well-trained suicide attackers while it needs certain expertise and equipments. It is better to establish special security unit within the Ministry of Interior or Ministry of Defense and train them to combat terrorist and suicide attackers in a professional way. Moreover, this unit needs to be equipped according to the nature and characteristics of the suicide war.
The sixth issue is lack of serious regulation in regard to the social gatherings. In some advanced countries, no more than 50/40 people are legally allowed to get together without supervision of security forces or without contribution of permitted private security company. Otherwise, the public gatherings can be easy target for terrorist groups in Afghanistan. 
The seventh issue is widespread misuse from Afghan Identity card (Tazakera) as When an Afghan born or lives abroad for a long time, not only his / her beliefs, mentality and personality change towards the country but also his or her citizenship, commitment, and loyalty may change. He/she might become a member of foreign intelligence network but he easily obtains Tazkera without any serious security check and then easily occupies key posts which are very dangerous. The solution, as in many other countries, the Afghan Tazkera must be expire-able or renewable after each five years. Anyone who lives in a foreign country for a long period of time or when his Tazkera expire it should be subject to security checks and not allowed to work in the sensitive positions.
The last issues are lack of rule of law in the country, especially against terrorists and professional criminals. The owners of this pen believe that we need to have specific law against terrorists, genocide, drug traffickers, kidnappers and other professional criminals. These types of criminals must not be forgiven if we wish to improve the security in our country. In addition, there are some other gapes which already debated in local media such as corruptions, misuse from police uniform, black glass cars, misuses from motor bike, illegal weapons, monitor from religious seminaries and the issue of fifth column inside the system.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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