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Social Change; A Duty Calling All of Us


Social Change; A Duty Calling All of Us

Achievements in life are difficult to attain. In order to make achievements in life, it is necessary for an individual to have the urge and the iron will. Without having the urge and the motivation, achieving anything worthwhile would be really difficult. Same is true for a nation; unless a nation has the urge to do something positive it would be really difficult for society to make developments and improvements.
A nation keeps on moving with the pace of time unless it realizes that there are shortcomings in its way of living and there are problems that are needed to be concentrated upon and eliminated. In fact, the very first step in eradicating a problem is realizing that the problem does exist and it has to be solved. Considering a problem something very normal and making adjustments with it is a serious error and must be avoided in any case.
The people in Afghanistan are also having the attitude of making compromises with their social and political problems. They, instead of considering them a hurdle towards evolution of the society and designing efforts to overcome them, change themselves to go ahead with the problems untouched. For example, one of the most serious problems that Afghan society is facing today is corruption and the tragedy is that it is getting more threatening with each passing day. The Afghans must realize that this issue is generating disorder in almost all the spheres of life and there must be an urge to take measures to curb it. Unfortunately, the people strive to compensate with it and in the process further strengthen its roots.
It is believed that becoming part of an evil and not taking actions against it, in fact, means favoring the evil and supporting it to nurture further. Every person in our society just wants to live for his own self and would never concentrate on any problem that would affect society as a whole. He thinks that dragging himself out of any unpleasant situation would solve the issues but, as a matter of fact, it does not.
We need to realize that we have to play an active role in the society and that is only possible when we have the feeling that there is always room for improvement and the status quo needs to be changed. We require being proactive and must fulfill the responsibility of a vigilant nation.
It is also one of the most demanding requirements of democracy. In a democracy, it is vital that the people must be active and ready to participate in the affairs of the country. Their inputs in different forms are vital for the evolution of the society as a whole. The responsibilities of the people are not only limited to casting votes, but they extend to keeping eyes on the actions and policies of the government and criticize or encourage them as per the requirement.
In the current scenario in Afghanistan, particularly, in the ongoing political arena, the role of the people is significant. This is the time that is going to decide the future of the country. The leaders and their steps must be checked, and they should be held accountable for them. They should not feel that they can use the authority, which has been bestowed to them by the will of the people, in any way they want. They must be scrutinized so that they should feel pressurized and, at the same time, responsible.
Afghan media and civil society can also play a dominant role in this regard. They need to provide current and timely information to the people and guide them towards informed decision making and active civil life. They have to disseminate to the people the message that their fates cannot be decided in secretive conference room, behind closed doors. People must feel that that they are being informed and they are being given proper opportunity to make important decisions for their country.
Thus, every change within a society starts with an urge or realization that a change is required. It is then further strengthened through consistent efforts. These efforts must be ensured through active participation within social and political life. It is also a democratic norm to be vigilant and participatory in a socio-political sphere. This can also support in keeping an eye on a country’s leadership. However, it is also vital that the democratic institutions must play their part in democratization of the society, and the nourishment of the individuals into responsible social and democratic beings. Democracy is not only an ideology that can be implemented on a particular people or nation; rather, it is a complete way of life that must be nourished through civil education, and that demands that the people of words must convert to the people of action for bringing better changes and blocking the negative ones. 

S. Mary is the newly emerging writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached outlookafghanistan@gmail.com

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