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The Presidential Candidates are not Miserly in Giving Fantasy Promises


The Presidential Candidates are not  Miserly in Giving Fantasy Promises

In recent days, as the election campaign became more competitive, the fantasy promises have also increased by the presidential candidates. Few days ago one of the presidential candidates, who is more similar to a humorist than a serious candidate, called everyone for debates ensuring that absolutely he will be the next president of Afghanistan. In fact, he was overconfident for becoming either president or interim president if the election process is aborted. He also said that he would execute all the corrupt political leaders when he gets the power. Some of the other candidates have also spoken in various gatherings making promises to their supporters which have no place in Afghan law, while he had also made such promises in previous presidential election which has never been fulfilled.
These kinds of promises and expressions, which are more like comic jokes, are only good for feeding the news and warming up the election atmosphere. Even, if they win the presidential election, such weird promises are not feasible in the country. Politicians generally make such kind of empty promises and commitments during the elections.  But what is important is the fulfillment of these promises and commitments. If the promises and commitments are not feasible, it will be just for deceiving people and attraction of votes through unsound methods. This is something that people will judge about it on Election Day and the voters will respond to their promises with their votes at the ballot boxes.
In addition to the general promises and commitments, there are also some personal commitments that candidates give to some individuals or groups. These kinds of commitments are sometimes formally written and signed between two parties or two individuals. For example, the establishment of irresponsible and illegal institutions and commitment to create three provinces in one geographical area at the same time is part of a presidential candidate’s commitment. In addition to such general promises, there are also a lot of alluring promises for public positions and governmental offices. In last election, many people had been given similar promises while none of them have been fulfilled yet. One of the electoral teams had unlimited promises including the establishment of several new provinces up to dozens of ministries while there are only 34 provinces in Afghanistan and 20 ministries.
In general, having such views and attitudes about governmental system indelicate several important points: firstly, its shows a weak understanding of candidates about responsibility and authority of presidency. Secondly, it shows wrong understanding about people sense and lack of respect to collective wisdom. Thirdly, it also shows lack of candidates’ commitment to law and democratic values in the country. Fourthly, it indicates that the candidate does not have the required ability to present an acceptable program to the people.
In the first part, some candidates still think that power is like a ready prey to be given to their relatives and friends or swallowed as much as they wish and distributed as spoils of war. As many individuals and political groups join their favorite team, the same amount of public positions or offices are granted to them in the next government while it is just fantasy. Even, they do not realize that some of the institutions such as Executive Directorate have no legal status in the structure of the Afghan political system. What was formed in 2014 was only for the sake of emergency issue to overcome a crisis and it is no longer applicable in the framework of Afghan legal system.
In the second part, the colorful and false promises mean to belittle people’s collective rationality and understanding. Those who think as once they could deceive people, they can also use the same strategy again are making a miscalculation. This time, the culture of voting, people’s expectations and perceptions are very different from all previous election as there have been many changes over the years. If they are the real electors, most of them will make decisions based on national interests and political understanding. Many presidential candidates have been already experienced in the past several years so people may forget the small mistakes but will never forget the big and destructive ones.
In the third part, using from the tactic of giving alluring promises, means that the candidate does not have the ability to present an acceptable program to solve national problems. As our country is engulfed with various problems, the candidates must be able to present applicable programs. In fact, everyone is responsible to vote on the basis of meritocracy and democratic values not false promises or old criteria such as race or language. We must check the background and compatriotic loyalty of the candidate. We must not gamble the fate our country for a little food, money or alluring promises. Presidential palace is where political decision making and no one can do this for better, unless being armed with political piousness, commitment and vast knowledge.
Lastly, everyone must adhere to national interests and code of ethics; and more importantly everyone should be respectful to the electoral law and other applicable laws of the country. Unfortunately, these days many are trampling the ethics of elections using hateful literature, especially in social media networks. Worse than that, there are people who not only violate the code of conduct but also disrespect people’s understanding. We hope that the honorable candidates should not only respect the people’s understanding, but ethics and electoral principles and must not cross the red lines of the law and national unity.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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