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Welcome to Victories and Opportunities after Stoppage of Peace Process


Welcome to Victories and Opportunities  after Stoppage of Peace Process

Following the intensification of Taliban attacks on Takhar, Kunduz, Baghlan, Farah and Kabul provinces, the national defense forces also increased operations against the Taliban in different parts of the country. In last few weeks, In addition to victories in the above-mentioned provinces, several districts that had been under control of Taliban for years now taken over by security forces. Thus, several Important Taliban figures ranging from so-called governors to combatant commanders and technical personnel specialized in making suicide bombs and planning terrorist attacks have been killed. According to statistics provided last week, nearly a thousand Taliban troops were killed in various parts of the country.
Furthermore, one of the most dangerous Daesh hideout destroyed a in the north of Kabul in a six-hours-long operation by a Special Unit of the National Directorate of Security Unit on Thursday evening. Seemingly, the information about the center was taken from a dangerous three-member of the group who were arrested last week. According to local reports, two Daesh members, who were hiding in a residential house in Sar-e-Kotal area in Kabul’s Police District 17, PD17, were killed and a large number of weapons were also seized during the operation adding that one of them was a Pakistani national. The residential house, which was rented by the two Daesh members, used for planning terrorist attacks in Kabul and also made suicide vests. Therefore, we need to raise awareness among people to cooperate with the security forces in recognition of suspects when they see residing in their areas.
According to political experts, two major phenomena have exacerbated insecurity situation and also recent repressive attacks on the Taliban: election and peace talks. Holding elections is considered as an indispensable principle for the Afghan government but its failure is considered very critical to the armed opposition groups and important for their political credibility in political bargaining. Therefore, they have unprecedentedly increased their attacks across the country, especially on the capital city of Kabul. The Taliban did not want to accept intra-Afghan talks with the Afghan government because they were trying to cancel the elections and create a provisional government. If the Taliban could succeed to implement their plan, then, they could easily reach their wishes through their influence they gained and had among some politicians and ethnic groups.
Unfortunately, some of our political leaders were so fascinated by the leadership and vice-president position of the Provisional Government that they acted as spokesmen for the Taliban. They tried to defend and justify from their positions at the national level saying that there is huge difference between current Taliban and Taliban of twenty years ago. The current Taliban respect the modern values and became more flexible against international norms and standards while the group has repeatedly shown both in theory and also in practice that they pay no values and attention to human rights, equality and freedom.  They have repeatedly articulated their non-compliance with international conventions.
During the peace process with the US delegation, the Taliban became proud and felt triumphant as nearing to their Islamic Emirate dream after signing an agreement with the United States. They had affected the political atmosphere in a way that marginalized the government and their lobby groups and circles did not feel shy to justify their acts and return anyway.  In fact, it was the Taliban group who chose when or who could participate in the negotiations and who could not participate. The Taliban had repeatedly rejected talks with the Afghan government and government representatives, but allowed the individuals to participate in intra-Afghan negotiations. The situation, as 2014, made the Taliban hopeful to reach their goal through intensification of war and military pressure. They wanted to cancel the election and establish a provisional government.
Fortunately, these dreams were not materialized to the benefit of Taliban and some politicians within the system. Trump stopped the Qatar peace talks with a short tweet and also refused to meet with Taliban leaders in the United States. The stoppage of talks not only damaged the peace process which was in interest of Taliban but also changed the situation on the military fronts in Afghanistan. The United States increased contribution with Afghan government in fighting against the group and became more involved in suppressing and bombing on Taliban gathering centers. As a result, not only dozens of Taliban leaders and commanders were killed but also paved the way for Afghan security forces to free many of districts in different provinces across the country. This can trend can also contribute to more inclusive and transparent election in the country provided that the government officials and political leaders do not miss the opportunity.
Given the victories achieved in last two weeks, it is understood if the international force had maintained the motives to fight against Taliban and jointly worked to strengthen the security forces and worked closely with them, today many of our military and security problems were resolved and the Afghan people would not have to go back to the point they had been through with bitter experience two decades ago .Although it is too late to say this, the current situation still provides a new opportunity for people, governments, political parties and political groups to defend democratic values with a full political consensus and say no to the Emirate and other extremist groups. Therefore, we should support the elections as a national process and strive for its transparency, security and credibility.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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