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Cruising for Change: North Korea


Cruising for Change: North Korea

"May you live in 'interesting' times" is an oft quoted expression to connote living in times of danger and uncertainty, and surely the citizens of Asia are living in such unprecedented times. For 4th time in less than two weeks North Korea has test fired two more advanced missiles. And so the Asian population waits with their ears to the media, hoping for lasting solutions to this continuing crisis. During these times of high stress, Asians need to remember that leaders are simply a reflection of the Collective Consciousness of the nation over which they preside. One way out of this ongoing crisis would be to raise the Collective Consciousness of North Korea, South Korea, and all surrounding Asian populations in order to support the leadership of all Asian countries in making good decisions. In this way better solutions can be found before irrevocable conflict threatens the Asian family of nations.

There is a brain-based technology which can accomplish this: Invincible Defense Technology (IDT). IDT incorporates non-religious advanced techniques of Transcendental Meditation (TM) which, if practiced twice a day in large groups, has the effect of raising the consciousness of all those within its field. Simply stated, if large groups of advanced TM practitioners were to be stationed in cruise ships stationed off the 12 mile limit from North Korean shores, the calming field thus generated would have a profound positive effect on all those within range. Positive changes would occur in North Korea and well as Asia as a whole.
A similar land-based approach was previously utilized in Washington D.C. over a two-month period in the summer of 1993, where 4000 meditators gathered for an experiment to lower crime. The result, as documented by an independent board of criminologists, was a 24 percent reduction in criminal violence. This profound reduction in social stress also influenced the public approval of the US president, which suddenly changed from a negative trend to a positive trend, as predicted (Reference: Social Indicators Research, 1999, 47: 153-201).

IDT has already been utilized by military and civilian groups in South America, Africa, and parts of Asia, with positive results. A plan to deploy IDT on military ships to alleviate tensions between South and North Korea has already been proposed in an futuristic essay published by Indian Defense Review ( See: http://www.indiandefencereview.com/in-the-year-2047/0/ ). Civilian groups on cruise ships could also perform such a peace building mission. As described in the essay, these social coherence creating cruise ships could be positioned in the Sea of Japan to surround North Korea, along with others in the Western Korea Bay. Volunteers (and their families) from Asian countries would be trained in advanced TM techniques and housed aboard these luxury cruise ships to enjoy all the amenities of a luxury cruise at no cost to themselves, in exchange for taking part in group meditations twice a day for a set period of time.

Anyone who is interested in supporting this Cruising for Change operation, and in learning more about utilizing IDT/TM to resolve political tensions may contact us at: https://www.gapwm.org.

These are radical ideas, born of radical times. Skeptics would be well advised to review the numerous studies validating this approach before voicing their dissent. Desperate times call for desperate measures, as paraphrased by the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, and Asia is most certainly living in desperate times. It is time to act now - before it is too late.


Teresa Studzinski, M.A. is the President of The Global Alliance for Preventive Wings in the Military (GAPWM). Arlene J. Schar has served as Dr. David Leffler's Administrative Assistant since 2015. Dr. David Leffler is a member of the Board of Directors at GAPWM.

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