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We Are As Strong As We Are United


We Are As Strong As We Are United

The very simple definition of unity is act of joining together and living together under a nondiscriminatory political system in order to achieve national goals. Usually, the political systems, educational system, media, elites and more importantly the type of world view play important role in unity of a nation. National unity is extremely required for leading the nation towards its progress and prosperity. Unity promotes cooperation and opens opportunity to excellence. In fact, it was the power of unity that changed the destiny of many war-torn countries both in eastern, western and also European countries. In multi-ethnic countries like Afghanistan, identity disputes are a reality and the creation of national unity is a necessity whereas the issue of identity also cannot be denied nor forgotten. Without national unity, reaching to the common interests would not be possible, and without common interests, it would not be possible to reach peace, prosperity and political development in the country.
Unquestionably, no one doubt about constructive role of unity but reaching to deep oneness and coexistence depends on our world view and psychological mentality.  In the other words, the goodness and badness of social and political phenomena depends on our mentality and interpretation from human life. If we provide a negative definition from the others, the consequence will also be negative. If we try to see the half empty of the glass, it will produce a very unpleasant result which already experienced in past history of Afghanistan. If we try to highlight the half-full of the glass, it will produce a very positive outcome which experimentally changed the destiny many world countries. Today, nearly 200 countries exist in the world but only few of them belong to the same ethnic and religion group. More than 190 countries of the world have been formed from different ethnic and religious groups while they live peacefully because they changed their views and mentally about others. Based on coexistent attitude, there are enough opportunities and resources on the earth and also in the country to feed all provided that we control our selfishness and greediness. But based on pessimistic attitude, might is right. Human is wolf of each and other. There is an endless war of all against all. If we have this kind of mentality from politics and political power, especially in domestic policies, we will face the fate of dinosaur which was extinct due to incompatibility with natural environment. In clearer term, because of zero-sum game theories, the world has witnessed nearly 150 million causalities in last few centuries. On the contrary, it was the power of unity that changed the destiny of many war-torn countries both in eastern, western and also European countries. This means, naturally human is not the wolf of human but our destructive views can actually make human wolf of human. Therefore, the world can be likened to a piece of white paper whatever we design it will shape our physical world.
According to this idea, Afghanistan should be considered like a whitepaper but it depends on us what we draw on it. In the past, the Afghan ethnic politicians had not left a good legacy and political culture in the country. They used ethnic gaps as a political tool for reaching their individuals goals. They thought if the ethnic divisions are eliminated from the country, they would no longer be a leader. They concerned to lose many of the advantages which had received under name of ethnicity and so their personal interests required highlighting ethnic issues in the country. Thus, there were some politicians who were worried about losing monopoly of power when the culture of meritocracy institutionalized in the country while the monopolistic policy has not benefited anyone in the country. All ethnic groups including Pashtun, Tajic, Hazaras, Uzabek and so on are extremely suffering from the consequences of domestic division in the country.
The world experiences shows that the deep feeling of unity is not formed by motto or using good words; it must come out from national will through creating good educational system, good political culture and good political system. So, we should note that unity is beyond slogans or giving paternal advices!  It is not achieved unless we truly believe in it and realize the common law that one should love his neighbor as himself. Promotion of this feeling is crucial to lead the nation or the world towards its progress, prosperity and sincere brotherhood. It is the only way that increases trust, sympathy and general collaboration against social disorders or foreign aggressions. It gives people sense of security so as to know each other better and understand each other’s sensitivity. It can unite and promotes co-operation and opens opportunity to excellence. In short, we are as strong as we are united and as weak as we are divided. If we wish to rescue the country, we need to rescue the national unity and it must be the main agenda of the government, especially the country’s leaders. Various genuine mottos and practical strategies need to be organized for the purpose of fostering unity.  In addition, it is the responsibility of religious scholar, ministry of culture and education to aware new generation differentiates between general peaceful spirit of holy Quran and hatred interpretations imposed by extremists. We must accept the unity in diversity as one of the unbreakable principle in our social and political platforms. People should be taught that religious faithwa (degree) is only issued by credible addresses under certain terms and conditions to prevent farther divisions.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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