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Rule of Law Promotion as a Basic Requirement


 Rule of Law Promotion as a  Basic Requirement

With passing every year the children causalities and children issues are increasing due to senseless war in Afghanistan. According to a recent report released by Amnesty International, 2019 was the deadliest year for children in the country. The report indicates that some 2400 children were killed or injured in the first nine months of 2019 in Afghanistan. Before this a similar report had been released by UNAMA that 2461 children were killed or wounded during the 2019 in the country.  Although these organizations blame all warring sides for the children causalities, the local evidence shows that the Taliban and ISIS are more responsible for the children’s casualties in Afghanistan. The insurgent groups directly or indirectly victimize the children in the country. For example, the mine clearance committee of Afghanistan says that nearly 20 children are killed or injured by landmines in the country while these mines are cultivated by Anti-government groups, not by government forces. In the same way, the Anti-government groups use children and civilian as human shield while the national army never such inhuman tricks. Moreover, some 4.47 million children are deprived from education in the country while most of them are in area which is directly under control of Taliban or indirectly affected by the on-going senseless war.
Moreover, the roadside landmine and suicide attacks which are widely used by Taliban are of the other blind tricks and factors killed countless civilians including innocent children. Actually, the roadside landmine blasts coupled in recent years due to the weakness of terrorists group in the battle field. Therefore, the causalities of children have been increased in recent years mainly due to changes in tactics of imposed war in the country. Unfortunately, the terrorist groups can target anywhere and anyone without any differentiation between and armed and civilians so as to pressure the government and people of Afghanistan. Despite the demand of the Afghan people for peace and prosperity, each year their dreams are receded to improving the security and economic situation.
Miserably, Taliban has always been inflexible against persisting demand and good-will of Afghan government and people.  At least they should consent to the temporary truce to set the stage for a peace agreement, as well as show their goodwill with regard to bringing peace to the country. Meanwhile, the parties into conflict should pay serious attention to protecting children and shielding them from the collateral damage of conflict. They should sincerely make peace for the sake of children by regarding them the pillars of Afghanistan’s future and existence, as well as an overwhelmingly youthful population with treasures of energies and ambitions. Otherwise, with these generations of war-like mindsets being constantly imparted to children, Afghanistan would gradually fade into oblivion.
The ongoing senseless war not only deprived the innocent children from life security but also from food security.  There are many types of physical and mental illnesses due to the chorionic food insecurity and malnourishment while these issues are the direct consequence of poverty caused by war and political instability in the country. According to UNICEF, “in 2020, over 9.4 million people (54 per cent children) will require humanitarian and protection assistance. Half of the population of Afghanistan – nearly 17 million people – live in conflict-affected areas and 103 districts are assessed as hardest to reach. The people of Afghanistan are routinely exposed to human rights violations, including deliberate attacks on schools and health facilities, sexual and gender-based violence and forced recruitment. Between January and September 2019, over 280,000 people (58 per cent children) were newly displaced by conflict and 336,000 people had returned to Afghanistan. Based on UNICEF reports, nearly 600,000 children are at risk of severe acute malnutrition (SAM) in 2020.”
Moreover, many social anomalies, such as theft, killing, suicide, social harassment, addiction, divorce and ethical deviation result from the same insecurity and extensive poverty. Almost every day, there are reports and complains about social crimes including looting residential houses, killing students in Kabul streets and kidnapping traders in the work place.  Based on a recent report quoted from MoI officials, 2632 criminal cases have been recorded within one last year which includes: 523 deaths, 638 injuries, 26 kidnaps, 937 thefts and the rest reported as miscellaneous.  According to social experts, the first and most important factor of social crimes is poverty. Initially, poverty may compel a sinless individual to commit social offences while it is against his natural will and conscience, but gradually it can become a part of his personality and alter to a professional criminal. In context of Afghanistan, from one hand accessing to weapons is easily possible through black market, and on the other hand poverty compels them to take such an action.
As a short term solution, the attacks on children and civilian structures must be prevented, especially in conflict affected area which is already deprived of health and social facilities. In longer term, the death rates of children cannot be analyzed separated from the security, political and economic factors.  It means the improvement of the living conditions of children and security of children depends entirely on security of whole country. The children causalities and children issues are the direct or indirect consequence of insecurity, war, political instability and also weak economy.However, if we are not able to solve their problems strategically, we must not forget the urgent attention. Therefore, government and international community should realize the critical condition of women and children in Afghanistan and have to urgently seek solution.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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