Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, February 27th, 2020

Why Understanding Other Perspectives Matters


Why Understanding Other  Perspectives Matters

I have a different opinion and you have a different one. I am a part of a distinct group and you are with another group. However, it is not a matter that should be considered something weird and negative. It is very natural and at the same time it is because of the efforts to understand truth. I may understand truth from a particular perspective while you may understand it from a different one. It is not something very eccentric and must be accepted readily as a necessary part of social life. However, that is not the case in our society – here the difference in ideas and opinions are treated in a very awkward manner.
In our society the disparity in perspective and outlook between two persons or two groups of people means being each other’s enemy. This sort of attitude has created a great deal of mistrust among the people. Is it really the sort of attitude that must be adopted by the most superior of the all the creatures? Does this suit the sane minds that have the capacity to think and to distinguish between the right and the wrong? Such sort of attitude is really very destructive for a nation and does not let the cooperation, national integration and nation building take place easily.
In fact, every group thinks that it knows all the truths in the universe and has all the positive qualities in the world; that it has been the most blessed and beloved group on the face of earth and that the developments that have taken place throughout the history are basically because of it – in fact, it thinks that the whole world and the incidents in the world revolve around it and it is the main character of the novel while all others are supporting characters or side-heroes.
Who are you and who are we? And what is the reality of our imaginations, thoughts and our opinions? What are the logics and the reasoning in your mind for which there is no answer in ours and vice versa?
Do we or you have any sort of connection with sacred revelations? Who is among us who can claim that his every breath is taken in the environment filled with truth, that whatever he thinks is truth and will always be truth?
Think and develop the habit of thinking that whatever others think that can be truth as well. In fact, neither you have come from out of universe nor anyone else. Why is that you are not ready to trust anyone else’s opinion and thoughts? Why is that you consider the truth as a chapter in your own book? And the same question applies to your opponent as well.
It is the same right that you and your opponent demand and that is the right to have opinion. Yes, it is correct that you can have that right but you must take care and understand the same right of your opponent. You both have to trust each other and realize that what the other person is saying is basically his opinion, not a sin or a crime. If there is no such trust then there is no need of sharing opinions and ideas and then there is no other way of deciding what the truth is. First, it is really necessary that there should be trust over each other’s intentions and then start the discussion and arguments so as to find truth.
There should be discussions and discussions must be continued. However, the unfortunate fact is that there is no discussion at all. In fact, we have not yet learnt the manners of discussions. What we are doing is not discussion but striving earnestly to impose our opinions and ideas on others. We are, in fact, habitual of abusing each other and showing how illiterate and ignorant we are. Discussion, in the real sense, is the practice of the wisdom and understanding of human thinking and mind. And it seems we lack wisdom and understanding, therefore, what we practice is nothing more than frustration. Unless, we overcome this frustration and invite wisdom and understanding with open arms and have healthy discussions with one another, we are not able to bring about positive changes in our personalities and in the long run in our habits and our society.
Let’s trust one another and let’s establish a healthy relation between us and our urge for truth and let’s start healthy discussions with one another and reach to the truth – the actual truth, the one that can emancipate us from the darkness of ignorance and can bring us to light, show us what is right for us and what we have to do as the most superior creature on the planet or may be in the whole universe.     

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