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The Violence Reduction Plan from Words to Practice


The Violence Reduction Plan  from Words to Practice

In recent months, one of the major political topics which have been widely debated in Afghan political community is violence reduction plan. The Afghan peace thirsty people have been exceedingly appealed Taliban to announce ceasefire and put an end to the senseless conflicts in the country. In order to escape from actual peace demand, Taliban proposed the “violence reduction plan” and this ways they could successfully deviated the public opinion from ceasefire to the violence reduction plan. The yesterday’s Ulema gathering was a clear example for this deviation persisting on game which Taliban has recently started. Several months ago when the three prominent leaders of the group released from Afghan prisons they pledged to reduce the violence. At that time, some of the Taliban supporters had also pledged to force the Taliban to curb violence while in practice the result is totally different to what they had said in words.
According to SIGAR recent report, nearly 8024 attacks have been carried out in 2019 on Afghan government forces. This shows 17 percent increase than last year which is on contrary to what they had promised. The SIGAR reports objectively show when the Taliban are talking about violence reduction is neither true and nor the peace and war is fully under control of Taliban. The violence reduction plan comes at a time when they have created numerous catastrophes but lost their ability due to the freezing weather in the winter season. In fact, we see no changes in Taliban blind ideology and neither have they followed an independent policy to be reliable. Instead of building the national peace strategy on basis of Taliban game, we should build our strategy on the basis of national interests and regional concerns. 
Meanwhile, the Afghan government must be the main negotiator to respond the concerns possibly mentioned by the regional countries and also divulge any extortions to the people of Afghanistan. In such a condition, the peace process will be strongly supported by people of Afghanistan and the national consensus will also become possible in the country. However, the government position in terms of preserving the past achievements, ceasefire and its firm will in the battlefield have been strongly supported by Afghan people. Though we have some challenges in terms of national consensus about big agenda of the country. If we collectively stand against any hostile group, no one can impose their extortionary demand on Afghan people. If we look back at the history of Afghanistan, the great imperators had been defeated by Afghan people when we were united. That’s why, the enemies of Afghanistan never want to directly confront with people of Afghanistan; instead their hopes are focused on division and deviation of Afghan people.
The violence reduction plan is not only an ambiguous plan but also a dividing and deviating plan. When the Taliban mentioned the violence reduction plan, it is not clear what exactly they mean? Whenever they mention  any peaceful agenda, their actions have showed something apposite. There are many reports and evidence which shows that the Taliban have increased their attacks in recent years while they were also present in the negotiation table proposing violence reduction plan. Though they had a dishonest approach about peace process, they gained enough legitimacy during the Qatar talks turning from a terrorist group into a political and diplomatic group.  As a result, the Taliban have not only stabilized itself as a political system in the negotiations, but it also got a superior position in the world.
It is hoped that all political fractions reach to a clear understanding about the situation and complicated game of Taliban. During the Qatar peace talks, many of the political groups have fallen into the trap of the Taliban and zealously treated Taliban and welcomed wherever were invited. In the end, everyone realized that the Taliban is not seeking peace rather they are seeking to strengthen their political position in the international community. Unfortunately, they have been very successful in upgrading their position, especially when the internal actors knowingly or unknowingly were homonymous with the group. In fact, the Taliban ignored talking to government in order to bring all political factions together and thereby strengthen its position.
Thus, it is expected from all international actors that no more run the talks in the absence of Afghan government and no more upgrade the position of Taliban. We all know that the Taliban are having a bad time in public opinion in Afghanistan. No one can find a rational and persuasive reason for the Taliban who led the war for more than two decades with destroying public infrastructures and killings thousands of innocent people. Since the beginning up to the date, they have had only one motto: jihad against corruption and the enemies of the Afghan people. In practice, they launched war against civilians, women and children and committed all kinds of crimes against humanity under shadow of jihad and the slogan of eliminating corruption.

Mohammad Zahir Akbari is the permanent writer of the Daily Outlook Afghanistan. He can be reached at mohammadzahirakbari@gmail.com

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