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How much Each Afghan’s Behavior Protect National Unity in Afghanistan?


How much Each Afghan’s Behavior Protect National Unity in Afghanistan?

In today’s world, each ones behavior is imperative and counted. A stable family is who has good sense of humor, respect their differences, share their strengths, enjoy their values and behave mutually.  The same principles can apply on a country. Among the 200 independent nations, the stable nation is the one who share the happiness and the sadness of living with each of them, though they have come from different ethnic and cultural background.  There is no country in the world that inhabited the same ethnic or religion citizens. As the main point, behavior of each one is very important in forming a nation. However, Afghans’ none healthy behavior deprived them from enjoying a happy life and tasting the fruits of cultural pluralism in their homelands.   Cultural pluralism is the main factor in strengthening interethnic friendship and tolerance in Afghanistan as western nations have used it productively. So far, in Afghanistan, the movement leaded to cultural assimilation rather than cultural pluralism, because no institution invested on spreading tolerance concept, or launching a national conference on the issue of cultural pluralism / or tolerance which is the backbone of cultural pluralism.  What we are witnessed is; in practice the communities functioned separately from each other and sometimes compete with one another.  It is a weakness point of the country’s residents regarding the national unity.  Many enlightenment thinker believe that because of nonexistence of tolerance, Afghanistan did not grow and has many challenges today.  The major obstacles are rooted in none existence of mutual respect and individuality in the country. As the consequence, Afghans have not reached that much capacity / or the willingness to give another person the opportunity to exercise freedom of thought and action. According to the history, Afghans always motivated to stand against open-mindedness, but expanded dominant culture. It had a negative impact on re-integration, and national unity, it proves that Afghans intentionally do not want open mindedness and it is what the Afghans unhealthy behaviors towards each other’s.

Developed countries respect more tolerance for proper understanding of other cultures and ways of self-expression and demonstration of human individuality. As an example, the western societies could easily pass from cultural assimilation to cultural pluralism and to multiculturalism without any intentional steps. European is not only experienced living co-exist side by side, but also considered the qualities of other groups as traits worth having in the dominant culture, it is a beauty of western countries today.  

Coexistence is another factor that can play an important role in bringing national unity. It could be promoted by behaviors of each one. The significance is through peaceful existence the citizens make peace possible and leads the country from a culture of war to a culture of peace. Coexistence, create recognition of the values and unique quality of the other. Through coexistence, Afghans would learn the art of living in a world of different people and ideas; improve the ability to have rights and freedoms, while not violating the rights and freedoms of others.

In addition, Afghanistan accommodates different flowers/ or ethnics, each one of them is talented and possess unique value, skills and capable of contribution to the building and promoting of a sustainable Afghanistan. Along with music, fine arts, architecture, painting, photography, sport is one of the foundations of the ethnic unity of modern times.  Through strengthening sport programs, the Afghan society can promote tolerance to ethnic, religious, political, confessional and interpersonal disagreements. Sport would lead the youth to encourage the mutual interaction and collaboration with each other’s that are the two major features in resolving the differences and tackling the problem effectively and to make the national unity stronger.  Through sport, Afghans can turn their weaknesses into strengths and their threats into substantial opportunities for promoting social cohesion, team working and create an environment where the people will thrive and prosper. Investing on sport would not let the provincial borders to use as division and marginalize others.
Developing of patriotism among the ethnics is another factor for thinking about a united Afghanistan. Patriotism means a love of one's soil, each country begins and proud with its soil and stand on its soil. Its people must love its soil because the soil is its basic capital, so each one has a share on it. Soil is the mother of a nation and it produces natural beauty and inspire emotional foundation of jingoism. Afghanistan has the most beautiful Landscape in the region it is a strength point of Afghanistan. It must be highlighted in school subjects and through that the instructor can insert the emotional foundation of patriotism and its feeling that Afghans ancestors belong to this area for the new generation. From patriotism point, businesspersons, teachers, doctors, officials, drivers… all are responsible to behave in a way that each of them protect the national unity and willingly sacrifice themselves for a united Afghanistan.  In patriotism, it is expected that everybody feel pride love, devotion and sense of attachment to his/ her homeland. If Afghans themselves do not build the country, the outsiders would not build it surely. Therefore, the insight thinkers must write and speak about, how they can saving Afghanistan through dedication. By training more patriotism-youth, the country would stand on his feet and never fall down.  The European Union is the best example of patriotism; this continent stands on thinking like a European. The same sense Afghans can treat each other’s as an Afghan. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patriotism)

Through competing with one another for power and advantage, the country would remain poor and fragile. While it is the homeland of all the citizens, the rational expectation is the officials and the public should have more wisdom in social behaving.   Unfortunately, it was the weakness point of Afghans from the beginning of the country until now.   Now it is time to bury the past and rise to the new future.  By building a society in which there is a common vision and sense of belonging by all ethnics, where diversity appreciated and valued and in which strong and positive relationships across ethnics exist and continue to be developed. Our vision must be define as building a modern and united Afghanistan and caring the people and the Land.  Afghanistan is a land of wealth and kept various opportunities in its heart. We should all serve the common good and deal with each other in genuine manner, avoid segregation and accept responsibility and obligation to care for the welfare of each other and the community for the greater benefit of all Afghans.

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